China Cyber Attacks USA~Soon, They WILL Attack With DEADLY Force

China cyber-attacks America, and Americans–are, as usual–asleep.

Forget the “Muslim” threat, folks.  The biggest threat is China-China and Leftists.

McAfee points finger at China for cyber attacks « blog


MELBOURNE, Australia – The United States plans to expand its military presence in Australia as the two nations manoeuvr to rein in an increasingly assertive China.

7 thoughts on “China Cyber Attacks USA~Soon, They WILL Attack With DEADLY Force

  1. The IT firm McAfee claims that it has revealed one the biggest cyber attacks. In a time frame of five years, over 70 companies have been targeted in these cyber attacks. McAfee won’t take a stance on who is responsible for these attacks, but that hasn’t stopped the mainstream media from pointing the finger at China. Who’s to blame for these attacks? Danny Schechter, filmmaker and blogger at, tells us who’s to blame.

  2. QV: IF China is attacking, its b/c they are angry and have a right to be angry.

  3. I feel it in my bones. If the Arab Israeli war breaks out, the rest of the world will be engulfed in WWIII.


    After a tense weekend spent in search of a compromise on lifting the U.S. borrowing limit, U.S. President Barack Obama said Sunday that leaders from both parties reached a deal to cut the budget deficit by $1 trillion over 10 years, with additional savings of $1.4 trillion possible. For related stories see [ID:nUSBUDGET

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