GOOD NEWS: 1940’s Style Fashion Is IN Again.. Gee, I Wonder Why..

  Go to fullsize imageI came across VOGUE magazine, and to my shock and surprise, 1940’s fashion is ‘in’ again.  But, let’s look at the reasons why.  The 1940’s was the best decade that America EVER had, even surpassing the 50’s in America.  The fashions were glamorous and breathtaking. The movie stars were patriotic toward this nation.  They didn’t align with enemies like Jane (HANOI) Fonda.  The 40’s generation built up America, they loved America. They were PROUD flag-wavers. They fought fascists. They were the best generation of people this world has EVER seen.  They had great, big, gas guzzling cars. TV -(actually a 1920’s invention) and Radio was a ‘new’ thing.  They made the BEST music EVER.  The best movies EVER (technicolor) ~Songs that got them through a WORLD WAR. Inventions were on the rise. They fought TOGETHER, they didnt fight each-other or conspire against American culture.. They LOVED America, they didnt want to ‘CHANGE’ it.. Everything was for the cause of RIGHT.  Not like today, where we are in opposite land.

  Could it be that some of the ‘liberals’ feel the Bolshevik/Nazi-fascism and don’t like it? What type songs would these idiots sing now to get us through the madness that is coming??  All that I can say is I was so shocked and felt so good inside to see something GOOD ‘for a change we can all believe in.’

This is what GUCCI has put out for their new fashion:

Fall/Winter 2011 |

This Fall


13 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS: 1940’s Style Fashion Is IN Again.. Gee, I Wonder Why..

  1. I liked that style in the sixties. I had a jacket and slacks just like that with a striped silk shirt. Loved it! It is still my favorite look. Even the hat!

  2. They fought TOGETHER, they didnt fight each-other or conspire against American culture.. They LOVED America, they didnt want to ‘CHANGE’ it.. Everything was for the cause of RIGHT. Not like today, where we are in opposite land.

    If by “together” you mean segregated troops. Red Ball Express drivers, Naval galley crews, Tuskegee Airmen. Of course they didn’t want to change white priviledge. It made more sense to them to perpetuate the Jim Crow policies.


    You are so deficient in your understanding of history.

    During the war, blacks rarely were allowed to rise in military rank. They were often assigned the most menial, degrading, and hard-working jobs. The worst tragedy on record, stemming from such mistreatment, indirectly involved Mississippi Congressman John Rankin and occurred at Port Chicago, a naval ammunition base northeast of San Francisco, the first pier in U. S. history built for loading and shipping explosives and munitions.

    There, seventy-one white officers oversaw 1,400 black sailors, who loaded the ammunition in three round-the-clock seven-hour shifts. White officers had no experience in handling ammunition and ignored all of the grievances reported by the black enlistees.

    A tragic explosion of ammunition took place on the morning of July 17, 1944 and 320 men were killed instantly – including 202 black enlisted men. Two hundred thirty-three black enlisted men were among the 390 injured, making this disaster accounting for 15 percent of all black naval casualties during World War II.

    The Navy found the cause to be “incompetence” on the part of the black seamen, letting the racist chain of command completely off the hook. Congress introduced a bill to grant the families of the dead $5,000 compensation but Rankin objected. Congress blinked and reduced the amount to $3,000.

    —- and —

    Moore and other black veterans were surprised to find German Prisoner of War camps spread throughout Mississippi, many in the Delta, as Mississippi had served as “home” to all captured German officers.

    The POWs were often treated even better than the returning black veterans; there were complaints that white prisoners were served in restaurants that would not serve black veterans, for example.

    Japanese-Americans were also abused in ways that German-Americans or Italian-Americas weren’t (let alone Asians of other nations who even when they were our allies, were mistreated by hateful and ignorant Americans who couldn’t be bothered to know the difference between a Chinese, Japanese, Burmese, or even Filipino).

  3. I really like the 40’s clothing too. Wish I had the tiny waist for them. 🙂

  4. If by “together” you mean segregated troops.

    First of all, I am talking about how American CULTURE WAS.
    Ie: MOVIES, patriotism, songs, cars, fashion etc..

    This has ZERO to do with racism, which leftists ALWAYS seem to want to bring up—even though most are racists themselves..
    They cant seem to BREAK FREE of the racial baiting.
    They ALWAYS bring up racial shit into an argument, furthering their ‘holier than thou’ cause of bogus racism against the ‘minorities’ that we feed and house.

    Uh… I dont know WHERE you live, or what you do, but I have lived amongst ALL of the races. There are 148 different types of ethnicities in NYC and CALI.
    They NATURALLY segregate.
    So, all of that crap was in vain.
    As far as Japanese? What in the hell do you expect a normal reaction to be?
    My reaction being a NYer after and during 9-11 was that I wanted EVERY SINGLE Muslim dead. That is a natural reaction.

    You are behind the times.
    The racism NOW, is directed at WHITE PEOPLE.

  5. I dont have a tiny waist either, but hats, shoes, etc 😀 Right up MY alley.






    RACISM: Is against WHITE PEOPLE now.


  7. Starlet Hedy Lamarr was the co-creator of “frequency hopping” (now called “spread spectrum”) and offered the design and patent free of charge to the US military to help defeat Hitler (they declined).


    Could you ever imagine the vultures of Halliburton considering doing something similar (that is when they’re not electrocuting US troops with faulty shower wiring)?

  8. I got rid of your other comments, and prefer if you would leave now.
    Thank you.
    Rabbi Kahane was a SAINT. Period.

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