Van Jones Personally Responsible For Black Terrorism? (Flash Mobs) ~Indoctrinating The Military Now

BY~Raging Highlander:

The use of Organized Flash Mobs as a form of Terror

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  ‘At Power Shift 2011 we flashmobbed a BP station to call attention to the Gulf and the mess that BP has left behind. Since then, flashmobs have been storming the country getting the word out, and building a national wave of demands to hold Big Oil accountable!’  (We took a picture, just in case)    SEE IT FOR THE DAMNED PROOF:

Does anyone still believe these violent flash mob beatings are spontaneous?  So, who is organizing them and who benefits?
The answer is the same old villains, Marxist Revolutionaries.
In their arsenal of terror over the last 100 years mob violence is just one of their murderous weapons.
Flash mobs are being organized to attack BP gas stations.

“Crowd Sourcing” as Van Jones put it in his speech during Netroots Nation 2011 in Minneapolis, Minnesota June 16-19, 2011 was a harbinger of things to come. 

  His anger toward President Obama who fired him, Glen Beck and the “Tea Party” is evident.
Is terrorizing white middle class voters using black teenagers as pawns a new echelon in the realm of disgruntled former employees.
Was it some form of sick poetry to have kids invade a BP station over the July 4th weekend near Kilbourn Reservoir Park, Milwaukee?
This mob then beat the hell out of some white folks who came to watch the fireworks.  Here is a link to the “training video” on how to invade a BP station created by PowerShift2011 a few days after Van Jones was one keynote speaker, Friday, April 15, 2011, Washington DC.
The video title says “Flashmob actions (like this one!) at a BP near you”
For them in 2011, mob violence is also being used to stop revitalization of neighborhoods. 

Nice shops and new Condos, who doesn’t want that?
They don’t.
In their twisted thinking, like Able of the bible, they must attack their fellow man, dehumanize him as privileged, a thing to be beaten and killed.

Here is the video;

10 thoughts on “Van Jones Personally Responsible For Black Terrorism? (Flash Mobs) ~Indoctrinating The Military Now

  1. MJ, Their violence isn’t politically motivated!( the bus in Philly was not against whites but their own color, that happened in mid June, we were just being aware of it in the beginning of August) They do not watch TV,,, These nigger thugs do not know who the hell Van Jones is( Glen Beck is the one who placed him on the map, I didn’t know who the hell he was either) They have no comprehension skills or reading level. it is their culture of Drug Dealers, Guns,Gangs, Black Culture of Violence! poverty,,,iT IS IN THEIR MUSIC,,,Black on Black violence.
    They kill their own in cold blood everyday,, any day!
    Law enforcement,, THEY ARE OVERWHELMED,that is why it is a Cancer that spreads,in the inner cities now out to rural areas ,,, I have seen it and experienced it for over 5 decades. Black on Black violence.

    Then there is the new Black Flash mobs that are racist in correctness. They are new to the scene, these are totally two different groups of black violence, Yes, the media is afraid to report what is hell is going on.

    Posts Tagged ‘black on white crime’
    It illustrates the stupidity of modern-day America, when the major newspapers of America are too timid, politically correct, or stupid to report that 99.9999% of the criminals in flash mobs are black. PC idiots want to call it prejudice. Perhaps it is…gained from generations of crime suffered at the hands of criminals. PC pretenders can call it prejudice if it makes them feel better. I believe it is the instinct for survival and experience that makes good people of all races stay away from large urban groups of black youth!

  2. MJ, Their violence isn’t politically motivated!(

    I dont agree, Donna-it is happening all over the nation. It is ORGANIZED.

  3. I agree Downgrade.

    BTW: When are the libo-slime and neo morons going to start jumping from windows? LOL

  4. It is Niggers with lots of time on their hands using social media, that is their Organizer!
    Black Flash Mob Robberies ( white or black businesses)
    Black Flash Mob Racist Violence against Whites
    Black Thugs Vs. Black Thugs

    top three that come to mind,

  5. Donna, you need to watch that vid, these are ORCHESTRATED And ORGANIZED.
    AND in different sporadic areas. Van Jones, and I wrote about it b4, like 4 wks ago.
    I dont put things up like this unless I 100% believe it.

  6. It is Niggers with lots of time on their hands using social media, that is their Organizer!

    Donna, WATCH THAT BP Vid. Van Jones IS the one that is doing this.
    They (Obamas buddies) dont know how to ‘organize!’

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