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  One can get caught up in the far leftist, neo-nazi media, believing that these Palis are in a ‘humanitarian crisis’.  There is no such thing happening in Gaza. Israel sends tons, and I mean serious tons of food every Thursday to the Palis.  If you really believe there is a crisis in Gaza, you are a crackpot.   There are malls in Gaza, fruit and food out the wazoo. I really am tired of hearing that Israel is the ‘bad guy’ in the east. How in the hell is that possible? Israel is surrounded by countries that are all fixing to destroy it. The fact that GODS land is still intact is miraculous.  The Palis also enjoy luxury restaurants, and a rebuilt water park that Hamas blew up. 

  Fine, you hate all the Jews, so? That is your prerogative…However, spreading lies is only making you look stupid and insane.


You’ve Been Duped. Face It.

Stupido Kaffirs