Add Our New Address To Your Favorites 

We dont want WordPress taking us down for nuttin!

So, add us as a DOT COM, that is what we are now.

9 thoughts on “Add Our New Address To Your Favorites

  1. MJ, Happy Happy, Joy Joy! God Be Our Inspiration and Lead us to the Light.

    All my Love, peace, ❤ Donna

  2. TMJ…I luv yer “beautiful eyes”…

    I do not appreciate “your mouth”…
    We are not suicidal dentists…
    Are you aware that “dentists” have a higher rate of “suicides” than the general

    I can’t believe that was your intention…?

    You are truly so much more intelligent and beautiful…both all of your beautiful thoughts and words, escape my aging mind…when I observe that raging face…!

    You are not mad…you are at truly beautiful, intriguing, intelligent, wonderful ingratiating woman…!

    This olde man loves you angry heart, really Hon…really, really…

    I DO..I DO…!

    Hugs, olde soldier sends…!

  3. I do not appreciate “your mouth”…

    Why? I have great teeth.
    You are funny, Gramps 😀 Lol

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