For Our V.I.P., Uber-Special Friend

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Poor, little darling was just feeling tooooooo neglected and I could not take that he was so unhappy.  I just HAD to make a photo-shop of this poor bastard….
He needs the publicity.
He likes especially to post on our ‘stickies’-He needs the attention.BAD.
So, we’ve given it to him.

See, Incogman would be half good….if he wasn’t half bad.
We dedicate this song, below- to our darling, buddy boy..
(Big ass kisser of Obama, said on another blog that he might possibly vote for Obama because Obama will ‘stick if to the Jews’.)

His (Incogmans) latest post: What We Have Here is a Failure to Take the necessary meds needed to Communicate more of our paranoid-based assumptions, some of which have nothing to do with the truth, but we won’t let that stop us!

34 thoughts on “For Our V.I.P., Uber-Special Friend

  1. Awww, this is soooo sweet! You did all this for little ol’ me?

    That’s NOT a photoshop job, either bozo. You used some Internet montage app. I doubt you could do shit in photoshop.

    Kind of like your political science knowledge with that dumb ass paragraph just above this box.

    I do believe you need to off yourself, big mouth — you embarrass the country.

  2. Oh yeah, I do indeed like big butts. At least you got that right. But I hardly think my heterosexual peccadillos are revelent to the big picture here.

    I noticed you removed that BS post about how much you love Japs and crap. Was it because of my comment exposing you as a big liar, calling Japs slopeheads elsewhere on the net?

  3. Well, no, I’m not hooked up with any asian hottie. Although I do like Japs and they often seem to like me for some reason.

    And “my feathers are not in a fluff.” Anything you lousy Jews say, is only good for laughs these days. Like your stupid avatar.

    Got that, tuff guy?

  4. My wife is more resourceful than you….boy.
    She found a program that is better than photo-shop.

    I notice our house is not blown up, and we are still alive. Where is this boy to come and kill us??

  5. My wife? She is gorgeous. Drop dead gorgeous. Her picture is here, all over our site, she doesn’t hide……

    I think you have a little crush on my wife. Yep. Who wouldn’t? She sings like an angel and fights like a devil.

    Adios…or should I say Sayonara for now.

  6. Drop dead gorgeous? Please. If that’s your idea of gorgeous… well, no wonder you’re a reformed homo (or still trying to reform). LOL.

  7. Yep, I am good looking, and I am a good heart, unlike you: mean spirited and fallacious.

  8. You got a good heart? That’s so hilarious I forgot to laugh. You could care less about what Israel does to the Palestinians, Lebanese or any non-Jew taking up precious Jew space — even little kids.

    What you are is a big-mouthed, phony, hypocrite liar. Or Jew for short.

  9. NO Japanese woman would want incogman. A Brad Pitt, perhaps.

    Incogman is married to a Big Butt with Huge Papaya breasts hanging down to her knees. And she’s a Nigger.
    that’s why the faggot likes the Nigger anus hunter — Obama.

  10. Note how Mad Jewess dumped the BS article on Japs, QV. Wonder why? Oh, that’s right, you’re really a sunken chested Jew punk — not really a buddhist asian — and could care less what she really thinks about chinky dinkys.

    I like that “And she’s a Nigger.” My, what a sterling wit you are. Please tell me you’re going on tour or have a gig lined up in Jew Hollywood. America so needs another Jew comedian.

    Anyone with brains not turned to jello by Jew media knows I hate Barry Obongo. It’s just tricky dick Jews — like you — who try to turn the crap around. Fuggitaboutit, Jews.

    I notice Mad Jewess is dropping my comments once again. The toadette has got some nerve.

  11. He is all pissed off because I took that post off sticky.
    Well, too bad.
    I put a NEW one up there.
    He’s got his panties in a wad.

  12. You could care less about what Israel does to the Palestinians

    you mean how the fakestinians are STARVING?

  13. Note how Mad Jewess dumped the BS article on Japs, QV. Wonder why?

    You are calling me a liar once again.
    One more time, and you are gone for good and this post is dropped in 24 hours, you got that, shorty?

  14. Oh and whahhhhhhhhhhh, bad day at the BEACH for the poor fuckestinians.

    Summer Sunset Over Gaza Beach

  15. Japs are very racist. They don’t like anyone except Japs. all others are “barbarians”.

    What’s your problem?

    I told you, come let’s talk buddhism . Why are you shying away?

  16. He thinks you are Jewish. that EVERYONE here is a Jew. Donna is a Jew, all of the posters here are Jews.
    Everyone is a Jooooooooooooooo. U can be a Jew if you want. In fact, you supercede most Jews I know, especially in brains.

    Yes, I know that Japanese like to stay with each other, that is factual.
    If that makes one a racist, then we is all waycis.

  17. Oh, it would be so Nirvana to discuss buddhism with some snot-nosed little Jew punk living in Brooklyn with his mama, yearning to get laid with a real shiksa; so he turns to ginning up a phony buddhist persona.

    I don’t think so, PUNK. I think you had best go downstairs and eat your matzoh balls.

    And as for you, little missy Mad Jewess, you don’t scare me one iota. In fact, I laugh at your feeble attempts at sarcasm so much that I like needling your over-blown Jew ego.

    I may just have to sit my ass down and do up a new post on the real Mad Jewess. I did have so much fun with the last:

    Check it out — it’s a laff riot!

  18. You havn’t even laid a ‘shiksa’ yourself.
    Aint you too busy going to Bar Mitzvahs? You have bragged about it often enough.

    Thats an OLD story u wrote.
    And your ‘art’ is NOT funnier than mine.

    Oh, I dont care if I scare you or not, it must be scary enuff, you just being who you are.

  19. “Oh, I dont care if I scare you or not, it must be scary enuff, you just being who you are.”

    That’s really some come-back, brainiac. And Jews are supposedly so funny? What another bunch of lying POS Jew BS!

  20. I never claimed to be ‘funny’.

    you are the ‘funny’ one.

    What is the lie now? “What another lying pos Jew Bs”

    Who the hell said “I” thought that Jews possessed the most in comedic talent?

    Where? Is it on my website, that I dont know about?

    Benny Hill, NON Jew was one of the FUNNIEST comediennes.
    Johnny Carson, NON Jew was one of the BEST.
    Robin Willams can be funny, although sporadic.
    Ron White is funny as hell.

    What the hell do you think? that we sit and listen to Adam Sandler? Jerry Seinfeld?

    My alltime favorite music certainly is not Jewish as well.
    Mozart was a Non Jew.

    Where do you get this bullshit?

  21. There, we took YOUR ASS off sticky and put QVs back up.

    Only TWO stickys are allowed and you aint all that much Ado about anything.

    You got WAY TOO MUCH attention today, you little attention tramp.

    I notice that you hardly comment on your OWN blog.

    You must be bored to tears with yourself….sitting there, in that basement, wacking off to that itty-bitty weenie.

    Must SUCK to be you.

    Here, nitey nitey fatass:

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