Muslim Women Go Insane At N.Y. Carnival; They Had To “Lose The Headscarf”

  How do these women sleep at night? Do they take a shower?  I dont get it. When I go to a carnival, I already know, that if I am wearing a hat, I must take the hat off.  It’s a rule. I guess rules don’t apply to Muslim women, now? What if, by chance, the ride is so fast, the scarf chokes the woman to death?  We live in a Nanny state, now ya know..


  Look Muslim people: A carnival is owned by private owners. You are supposed to OBEY their rules.  How would you like it if someone wore bacon on THEIR head and came into your store? You better start thinking about what you are doing.  After all….Ya don’t want people profiling ya’ all, do ya? Profiling ‘ya for being STUPID.

BTW: Since so many Islamists want to dominate the world, what say the atheist liberal jackasses? Nothing, or course. Why? Because liberals are full of shit. Also-because Liberals know that Islamo-fundies are violent.  Whose kidding who?

Near riot erupts at NY’s Playland. Police arrest 15 Muslims over dispute about headbags


4 thoughts on “Muslim Women Go Insane At N.Y. Carnival; They Had To “Lose The Headscarf”

  1. If a person walked into your “store” wearing a cross around their neck, would you ask them to take it off simply because it is YOUR store? Some Muslim women wear hijabs (headscarves) because of what they consider to be modest. Again, would you ask a person to take their shirt off just because they walked into YOUR store? People wear clothes covering their shoulders, navels and behinds while they walk down the street because it is modest. Some Muslim women regard their hair in the same manner. Hence they cover their hair, because they think it is modest. Not all Muslim women wear a scarf or a burkha because of the modern way of thought. But that doesn’t make us any less Muslim. And if I walked into your store right now, you wouldn’t be able to tell what my faith is.

    And not every Muslim is a crazy lunatic. Most Muslims do not agree with the extremists who do crazy things and get themselves plastered all over the news, hence portraying all Muslims in a negative light. What many people fail to understand is that those people are only a few, a tiny proportion of a vast number of people with that faith. Just the way you wouldn’t want all Americans to be portrayed with an image of rednecks, all Muslims don’t want to be portrayed with an image of extremists.

    Of course you are entitled to your own opinion. I encourage that. But please try to do some research and find out the background of certain things before you make assumptions that people are being stubborn. These people believe their God asked them to cover their hair. Let them be, as long as it is not hurting you.

  2. Some Muslim women wear hijabs (headscarves) because of what they consider to be modest.

    Fine, no issue with that–too much…….. BUT, there ARE rules, there are SAFETY rules because of liability & insurance. Rules are not meant to be broken. If they really believe in GOD, God says to obey the laws of the land.

    I wear cross earrings, myself, because I am a Jew TIAN=Jewish Christian. So, no issue there.

    I dont pick on Muslims here. I have a few Muslim friends and I have had a Muslim Dr.

    NOW, Donna, she does not like Muslims at all. She has a reason.

    You can see this website is not about Islam.

    America does not have an issue, YET with Islamic fundamentalists.
    America has an issue with leftist INSANITY and treachery.

    9/11- I lived in NY. I wanted every Islamist dead. Dont get all pissed, that is a NATURAL reaction.

    If we do start to have issues with Muslims, here- you can bet all the money in this world that I will be the WORST blog on the net about it.

    My fight here, is with leftists; which inc bad Jews that hate America, bad Christians, SPLC, ACLU, and CAIR IF they keep pushing our Constitution all over the map.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    PS: Most Americans that are right wing dont give a damn if you call them redneck or racist, anymore.

  3. dont let pple fool you saying that only few have extremist veiws, that all have the same ideology , its just some are more vocal than others, this is not the veiw of just the minority as we are always told by muslims , this is how they are brought up in the world to see all non muslims as sinners , so i ask , if we as non muslims are sinners what will the muslims do to us apart from kill , mame or try to convert you into islam ,, mohammed married a 13 year old girl, Y , he married his daughter in law zanabia , Y, , what has islam taught its followers apart from how to convert and force their veiws on others ,

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