The Truth About Libya; What The MSM Refuses To Tell You


  Everyone is being hyped for Obamas/Hitlery’s LIBYA WAR.  It is even coming out of the Obama camp that there are “WMDS IN LIBYA”. This is a lie.  If you believe this, you are a fool.

Watch this (turn down your sound):

I wonder what BEYONCE thinks about Obama now. Beyonce entertained Gaddafis son.

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9 thoughts on “The Truth About Libya; What The MSM Refuses To Tell You

  1. Another Country to go to the Muslim Brotherhood. Hussein’s Motives will be surfaced, just like Egypt. I wonder what the next country will be? Syria?

  2. Obama’s upside down policies have destroyed all chance for peace in the Mid East. Once Syria goes we will have a ME Caliphate with but one goal in mind. Destroy Israel and then the US and all western civilization. First Saturday then Sunday. Israel’s fate will be our fate and that is why we must stand with Israel against these Muslim nations. Aligned with Iran the Saudi’s are likely to join or fall.
    Bob A.

  3. With stupidity at the helm in America, the overthrow of Mubarak has worked to Iran’s advantage.
    And with Libya’s fall, both Egypt and Libya have decided to join Iran’s terror network.

    What a gift America has given Iran, the terrorist sponsoring nation bludgeoned its way into controlling Lebanon and Gaza, and has become the backbone of Syrian terrorism. Iran also bombed and butchered its way into the dominant role in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    And now it has Egypt and Libya in its hand. What better way than to destroy the Great Satan.

  4. Neither “America, its MURDERERS NATO, nor that silly witless dove Britain will destroy Syria. That job is for Israel.

    All western countries will be destroyed and survivors led into slavery. The reward for aligining with Arab nations in the coming war against Israel.

  5. In a secular sense, Israel has its Dome Shield. Not all of Israel will be protected should the stupdity of the west try to take Iran on. They won’t because Yahweh has reserved that nation for the Assyrians to do the job.

    When the Arab Israel war takes place , it is He who will guiding His IDF to battle.
    And they will perish. And Israel will go on to become the Wealthiest, Most Sovereign Nation for the world to see “so My Name is glorified”

    Western nations that aid the Arabs will be destroyed. First will be Sodom & Gomorrah America and that silly, witless dove, Britain.

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  7. Yep, we are ripe for destruction.

    I sometimes wish, right now, that I could be on the outside looking in.
    You miss so much when you are IN it.

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