Gaddafi: “We Are Not Women, NO Surrender!” ~ At Least SOMEONE Has The Gonads 2 Stand Up 2 Obama

Really…Gaddafi puts these snivelling congressmen to shame. Why in the hell should Gaddafi just ‘surrender’ to NATO Forces led by Hitlery Clinton, Samantha Powers and the boy, Obama?  It really is a screwed up time in our history, to actually feel like I am rooting for a country that is not my own.  This is total insanity to me. For real. Never in my life would I have thought this way…But never in my life would I have imagined that we would have a Muslim/Marxist as our C.I.C. -Bring our troops home and Go Gaddafi.

I wonder how this Gaddafi feels now that Obama is the biggest back-stabber?  I guess in a nutty way, he is in the same boat as many of us.

Geeeeezzzz, what a f*cked up world.

13 thoughts on “Gaddafi: “We Are Not Women, NO Surrender!” ~ At Least SOMEONE Has The Gonads 2 Stand Up 2 Obama

  1. The eternally stupid West , despite 1400 years of islam and the honour and vengeance of Tribals, never learn. Blinded by their sheer wanton GREED for wealth of other countries to sustain their bankrupt, weasel lives.

    Gaddafis son Saifs Speech on September 1, 2011. English Voice Over

  2. Look what drudge says:

    The news was ‘sick’. How the hell old is Matt Drudge?
    All he does in link up stories, that all.
    Nothing in depth.
    Makes me sick.

  3. Root for Gaddafi… Seems insane to me to say.
    I am sick over all of this.
    Worse than Iraq.

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  5. QV:

    This country is going to get what we deserve. It is time for Americans to start assuming responsibility for doing nothing but sitting on their couches, watching football, and spilling beer all over their t-shirt for over 40 years.

  6. Sorry David,
    No Way are Americans going to do anything to fight for their freedom. Brainwashed into zombies successfully by their darling Leftists.
    Just take a closer look at your younger generations. Except for some red blood, most of them are yellower than yellow.
    America is doomed to be destroyed, and survivors led into slavery. Guaranteed.

  7. On Gadaffi, Putrid Stinking Truth is, the Elite West were groveling, arselicking all the way to Gadaffi’s innards for deals, favours, and throwing money at him. Recall Tony Blair pocketing (personally) millions while closing a deal for BP? Rubbing noses with Gadaffi? And other western leaders sucking up to him as if he were a lollipop? Rubbing noses, arms round him, and all that?

    The West is able to fool their idiot citizens as they usually and successfully do by painting him as a terrorist, when ALL terrorism leads to the portals of the West. Plunder of other nations wealth and sovereignity is in the DNA of the West. Go Bankrupt, start a war, euphemism “on humanitarian grounds”
    It unleashes its penultimate Evil NATO that slaughters, ravages, lays waste, incinerates, contaminates, devastates, conquers, colonizes, plunders, exploits, impoverishes and immiserates.
    The STINK is, most of the citizens of the West are in league with their Fascist Leaders. Decaying, Dying, West of Cowards and Parasites.
    The West has demonstrated to the world that its leaders are past masters at preaching freedom and openness while conniving wars with the most undemocratic leaders, to keep the money rolling into their coffers.
    Most of us living outside the West are aware how imperialist West assassinated every democratic leader in the 3rd world, and destroyed the possibility of even planting a seed of democracy. Western people however have been ensured of its privileges, think it their right, and look down their noses at the “third world” they plundered to keep them comfortable. Such rakes proliferate the West.

    The very very UGLY TRUTH: : Libyan Leader GADAFFI Liberated Nation’s Women; NATO-Backed, Islamist-Linked Rebels Likely to Enslave Them. So, the intelligent (my emphasis) reader will understand that the West is truly Sadist and nothing makes them reach heights of orgasm and ejaculating all over the place when they see women brutalized, and made inferior. And that’s the Truth.

    What say you, readers?

  8. Will the Degenerates — america’s Nigger Obama and Bankrupt Britain’s Cameron apologise to Libyan Rebel Leader who demands apologies from US, UK, for CIA, M16 Rendition?
    One of Libya’s senior rebel commanders has demanded an apology from the British and American governments following the discovery of secret documents which show MI6 and the CIA were involved in a plot that led to his capture and torture.
    Abdul Hakim Belhaj, the security commander in Tripoli, told the Guardian he was considering suing over the episode, which raises further damaging questions over Britain’s knowledge of the rendition and ill-treatment of prisoners.
    One document found in a treasure trove of abandoned papers shows a senior MI6 officer boasting to the Libyans about how British intelligence led to Belhaj being captured on 6 March 2004.
    “I wasn’t allowed a bath for three years and I didn’t see the sun for one year,” he told the Guardian. “They hung me from the wall and kept me in an isolation cell. I was regularly tortured.”
    Tell you what Belhaj, gather your rebels and with Al Qaeda bomb Britain to ashes. Give the Brits a taste of what Libyans suffered. They’ll kiss your ass even more. Isles of Dumbest Parasites —- an Evil that should be wiped out from earth.

    Work with the madman from the East that America’s Clinton made into a nuclear power. And do the same.

    The world will thank you for your brave deeds —- we’ll fight later.

  9. Libya’s Great Man-Made River Project And NATO War Crimes
    Muammar Gaddafi: “After this achievement, American threats against Libya will double… The United States will make excuses, but the real reason is to stop this achievement, to keep the people of Libya oppressed”

    NATO DELIBERATELY BOMBED THE RIVER. Now, the SATANIC WEST demonstrate to the world they are sending water to the survivors of their Satanic War .

    Read more:

    Tell me, reader dear, are you proud of your country that participated in human and infrastructure carnage because your West new dictum is Humanitarian Imperialism under the cloak of R2P (Right to Plunder).

    And today, Libya is RELOCATED to Arabia??????????????

    The message from the EVIL WEST to the rest of the world is: Western militia (NATO MURDERERS) is to defend American and European interests, to isolate the interests of other nations especially BRICS, to destroy those that are emerging, and to keep ‘em natives , other than Europeans , DOWN.

    And that’s the Putrid Stinking Stench aka Truth.

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