Poem By The Mad Jewess: ‘Before Kool-Aid Meant Crazy….’

By:  The Mad Jewess, P. AsheDina, C. 9/10/11
Before Kool-aid meant crazy and the world was sane..
We dressed immaculate, watching ‘Singin in the rain’
There was no right, there was no left, there were only patriots, with their hearts in check.
We worked together, we got through it all..
Did we ever realize, how great would be our fall?
What happened to my country, I ask everyday..
Where treachery and traitors lead a nation astray.
Violent language aimed at citizens
Criminals jumping our borders in unison.
They have help from our government, whom we pay..
The liars who throw our votes away.
We fought for more – than other nations combined..
How could Americans become so blind?
What happened that made us…spoiled-rotten brats?
Entitlement slobs called Democrats.
You will tell me “What about the GOP?”
They are treacherous, also, why pick on me?
Looking back across the horizon
I see a nation, lost in poison.
Jews hate Gentiles, Gentiles hate Jews
Their venom springs forth, making snakes in the pews.
We have lost our spirit, this cannot be denied
You can ‘change’ a mind, but you haven’t even tried.
We are nothing more, than an old ‘has-been.’
I’m telling the truth, and patience is wearing thin.
Patriots are being pushed, over the brink
They hurt our hearts and don’t even think.
Forget what I’m saying, this is up to you..
You know I’m not lying, what I’m telling you is true.
Before Kool-aid meant crazy, and the world was sane..
We laughed like children
But, now….its all in vain.
(I dont think the ‘lights will go on again’ until GOD, himself intervenes)

14 thoughts on “Poem By The Mad Jewess: ‘Before Kool-Aid Meant Crazy….’

  1. Beautiful collage and poem to correlate with that moment in time.

    I pray God releases our Country from this Den of INIQUITY.

    peace, love ❤ Donna

  2. TMJ, The memories you stir. I grew up dirt poor and on kool-aid because my mother could not afford kool-aid (God rest her soul).

    The same slim that destroyed this country has given kool-aid such a bad name that if they don’t change the name, they will surely go out of business.

    Excellent poem. I cry for yesterday.


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  4. What a beautiful song and collage. I work in a retirement home filled with WWll vets….they have the most amazing stories I have ever heard.

  5. Beautiful song and collage. I work in a retirement community where there are lots of WWll vets. They have the most amazing stories to tell from that time…when America was good and understood their place/role in the world.

  6. Isn’t this nice Americans. Presumably, to your benefit jackasses.

    In a behind the scenes move yesterday the U.S. Senate cleared the way for the U.S. to increase its borrowing authority by another $500 billion to $15.19 trillion. The move was designed to support the current level of federal government borrowing through late January or early February.

    The next increase is set for the first quarter 2012, and it’s supposedly dependent on the bi-partisan committee of 12 Congress members to agree on a proposal that cuts at least $1.2 trillion from the federal deficit over the next ten years

    Continue burying your heads in the Bog of Denial and Ignorance, or in the Bubble of la la land.


  7. America is taking the lead in the war against Israel. The Arab Spring in Egypt by America’s Muslim Nigger is to harness Islamic nations to wipe God’s Land from the world map.

    Now, thanks to American dungheads that elected a Muslim Nigger as potus, the fruits of Mubarak’s overthrow is resulting in Egyptian protestors (backed by the Muslim Brotherhood – the darling of America) trying to demolish the wall of the Israeli Embassy in Egypt. Daily protests.

    You must be sooooooo proud stupid Americans, in the face of coming destruction and eventual slavery.

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