9/11~NYC Anniversary: How Do We Mourn A City That Voted In Barack HUSSEIN Obama

  For real…

How can you mourn for a city, that endorsed, nominated, helped pay for,  elected and cheered on the Muslim Prez. dictator, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, occupier of our  White House, just 7 years after the worst terrorist attack that has ever occurred? How? I can’t. How can you mourn a city that wants to build a mosque near G. Zero?! With a psycho-pathic, wicked Mayor that is a Dhimmi!?

  There is nothing in me that feels ‘sorry.’  And, I lived in NY during 9/11, lived through the after-math. Lived through reading thousands of obits in the Newpapers.  Lived through the endless playing of the Bagpipes “Amazing Grace”. Lived through nights without sleep. Lived through our reservoir being shut down by the National Guard, in Ashokan, NY.

  I think about how the dead must feel in Heaven, or wherever they went.  How do THEY look upon this stupid city?  I think their spirit must live on, most definitely. How else could that crane have fallen the other day?


I hate NYC, now. Hate it with every fiber of my being.  This is a sick, demented town.  All good, God fearing people should leave that hell-hole ASAP.  Get out of that whore they call NYC. Leave, depart from it. The blood of innocent victims from 9/11, is crying out for Gods judgement, not only on these attackers, even inside government who just ‘let it happen‘- but also on these ‘people’,  that voted in an ENEMY, without a shred of guilt or conviction. Sickening.

7 thoughts on “9/11~NYC Anniversary: How Do We Mourn A City That Voted In Barack HUSSEIN Obama

  1. Hi mad jewess,

    Where did you get that quote from Kahane ‘If we mix with the blacks, we will not bring them UP to our standards, on the contrary, they will bring us down to theirs.’ I have never heard that quote before.

    Please reply in comment.

    Thanks. Keep up the good fight

  2. IT MIGHT be here:

    MAYBE here, but I doubt, worth a look:


    Chaim Ben Pesach of the JTF.ORG was Kahane’s protegee, he will know, but that would mean you would have to join the jtf.org and ask him in a thread. The website has issues, and I cant even get on there myself.

    Try here:


  3. Its hard to find that, because of course, liberal Jewish idiots are soooooooooooooooooooooo embarrassed..
    IF you ask Chaim Ben Pesach in an ‘ask jtf’ he will answer you, if you get the question in for next Sunday.

  4. I am proud to know I am not the only one who feels this way. Screw New York,AND califagnia both!
    These ignorant fools keep voting for communism,expect the states with a little sanity to keep their family fed? to hell with the jerks.I have been wishing for even bigger catastrophes for the bastards.we would have less parasitic scum to support.
    The bad thing is that the northeast states were our patriotic states that started the nation,and has been taken over by the parasites who love government telling them where they can take a crap,and how long they have to do it. They love democRATS,because they cannot think for themselves.

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