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SEE: Alec Baldwin tweets about N****s in Paris

“Watch them shufflin’ along….see them shufflin along….’ 

    Anyway, here we are, (Me and Donna) trying to deal with racism against white people, and ‘black rage’… We get it 24/7 from “Neo-Conservatives“,  Politically-Correct dupes, dopes & of course,  leftist slime saying we are racists, just for telling the truth about black, terrorist flash mobs.  Blacks beating up grandmas, beating up white people- (whites  are victims in massive amounts of black crimes…)

…BUT-Alec Baldwin, Democrat-leftist tweets the holy Grail “N” word and its OK. I guess all this is all OK as long as we are uplifting black, Obama-morons to be better rappers….

He sho has gottin UGLY!