“Occupy” Wall Steet Leftists; “We Will Have The Govt Use Deadly Force For Social ‘Justice'”

Comment from one of these ‘peace-loving’ students:



(In other words; Murder Americans that don’t agree with Marxist-NAZI Socialism)

  I want to say one thing to people that have been pro-Hamas terrorist, pro-palestinian;  Payback is a BITCH.  This occupied/apartheid CRAP is coming straight out of “Gaza Street.”  So, don’t complain, jackasses, you wanted the Arab Spring so fcking much….. “That which a man sows, he shall also reap…in due time..”   YOU have helped bring this INSANITY to America, with your hatred for GODS land. That is what this is all about, in a nutshell….Well–  Chickens have come home to roost… hope you are happy, scumbags.

    At any rate, listen to the useless IDIOT in the Youtube, and see what the hell monster YOU Leftist/Neo-NAZIs have created .  Look at the enemy, the enemy is YOU.

5 thoughts on ““Occupy” Wall Steet Leftists; “We Will Have The Govt Use Deadly Force For Social ‘Justice'”

  1. The occupation of “Wall Street” is where it’s really cool or “kewl” …I have a problem keeping up with the new vernacular… 😉

    Go get’em guyes and gurrls…!

    Keep nipping at their “round heels” and pull their pants down if you can…
    Exposing their slovenly backsides is where it’s at honey’s…!


  2. Unions Promise Support As #OccupyWallStreet Enters Third Week

    Most important is that similar actions are already taking place in other cities like a March on Friday in Boston against the Bank of America. An even bigger one is being planned for Washington in October.

    Other organizations are supporting this emerging movement. Local 100 of the Transport Workers Union say they “applaud the courage of the young people on Wall Street,” and are planning to turn out their members next week. I saw T Shirts of UAW members and met some activists from the Salvadorian community. Already #Occupy Wall Street sent over a hundred people to back a protest by postal workers trying to save their jobs and the Post Office.


  3. Gramps, they are protesting *NOTHING*
    IF they were protesting SOMETHING besides ‘eat the rich, and destroy Americas money system’ I would listen, but they want to murder Americans for the cause of Soviet “Social Justice”
    These are MURDERERS, Gramps.

  4. Gramps, I disagree, 100%.
    They have NO PERMITS.
    What they are doing is UNLAWFUL.
    Without LAW, we have chaos and anarchy.

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