PELOSI CONDONES ANTI-SEMITISM & VIOLENCE~Astro-Turf Btch, Nazi Pelosi: “Bless Occupy Wall St”

This btch ought to be arrested and hung.  Obama with her.  I cannot believe this absolute INSANITY.  This scum-btch said that the ‘tea party was astro-turf’,  but this slezoid skunk can’t give one reason WHY these IDIOTS are ‘protesting’.  They are ‘protesting’ as they did in Bolshevik Russia; They took homes, murdered those who did not go along with the Bolsheviks. Demanded that people who didnt even know each-other move into houses together; THAT IS what we are up against, people.

She condones the upcoming blood-shed. She condones the Jew hate. She condones the violence. She is an enemy of the state and should be tried for treason and shot.  That’s my opinion.


Pelosi on ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protesters: ‘God bless them’

3 thoughts on “PELOSI CONDONES ANTI-SEMITISM & VIOLENCE~Astro-Turf Btch, Nazi Pelosi: “Bless Occupy Wall St”

  1. I just wish PeLOUSY could be arrested for misprision of felony, becuase she knew obummer was ineligible and kept it a secret. George Soreass is probably the heavy behind the occupy wall street bullshit.

  2. America did nuffin’ with Jane Fonda. What makes anyone think Pelosi will be made accountable? Americans have their heads buried deep in the Bog of Denial and Ignorance. Safer that way.

  3. Where is the military? They’re scattered all over the world (intentionally) so we will have no protection from these monsters! BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW!!

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