John Kommunist Kerry: Extreme Loyalist To Barack Hussein Obama

I dont know if any of you have taken time to read “The Ulsterman”, but please do so.  I urge you to be careful when re-posting for the Ulsterman. We need to protect this insider, whoever he is:

   The Kerry office in fact is responsible for more of the anti-bipartisan tone than Reid.  So Kerry was the guy making certain the super-committee fell on its ass.  He is among the Dems who are still very loyal to the Obama White House.  There isn’t so many of them these days, but they hold the positions of power, so their influence remains strong.

The rest:

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: There Is A Very Uneasy Peace Between President Obama And The American Military.



Scrib’d Document On McCain, THE COMMUNIST MOLE- I Didn’t Vote For This Lousy OLD Traitor For Senator!

SEE: John McCain Communist Mole Scribd

    This is why I have a beef with Sarah Palin.  Not that she ran with this traitorous RAT, but that she endorsed this evil Commie enabling filth for Senator of AZ.  Read it and weep, You Arizonans that voted for this no-good, rotten piece of drek.  The Vietnam war is over.  Being a POW does NOT a hero make.  There are men who throw themselves on top of grenades to save a fellow soldiers life. THAT is a hero. My best, male friend, Mike’s father was a POW in a Nazi prison camp, he ate grass for 3 years, until he used his wits to escape. He never ONCE used his POW status to victimize himself-he NEVER talked about it-EVER!



Traitorous Senate Passed Detention Bill To Lock Your American Ass Up.

See: News for Treacherous Senate  who PASSED the Gestapo-Commu-NAZI detention Bill

All of the rantings of Rand Paul have meant nada because nobody has done a single thing.  This is what a man who lived in Russia says:

roblorinov said:

The House passed the bill this past May very very quietly and now we know why.   It strips American citizens of their Rights, all rights! It denies us due process! If this asinine thing passes into law the military police can pick us up on a street corner and make us disappear forever just like in the SOVIET UNION!!

What else are they going to do before 2012? I see martial (military) law coming anytime now. They’ll pull off a FALSE FLAG operation so they can declare martial law, cancel or delay the 2012 elections, and by November 2012 this Republic will be in the dust bin of HISTORY!

Insane? You bet it is patriotsoul!! THIS IS TYRANNY!! HARD CORE TYRANNY!! You bet, evil IS coming at high speed now because evil knows his time is short! Yes they ARE afraid of us and who is “us”? WE ARE THE FEW! The FEW because MOST Americans are DUMB ASS MORONS today!! Dumbasses won’t stand up and fight back because their main concern is getting that latest ipod or what kind of underwear Lady Ga Ga is not wearing! This is a MORONIC and BEYOND IGNORANT SOCIETY! Maybe America DESERVES the TYRANNY it is about to get! Maybe it will teach us a lesson we will NEVER FORGET!

This ACT OF TYRANNY passes and I’m DONE! I’m done trying to warn America and wake them the FUCK UP! They can all go SCREW THEMSELVES! I can’t deal with a mass of IDIOTS! Instead I’ll turn this blog into a MASS SOVIET PROPAGANDA PLATFORM FOR THE NEW UNITED SOVIET STATES OF AMERIKA!!


X-Black Panther Warns Conservatives Of Coming Liberal Violence, 2012 Elections.

Well….since the #OWS ‘liberals’ are scared to death of pepper-spray..Imagine how they’ll  feel if they have to stare at the barrel of a gun. 

  I really am sick and damned tired of these disgusting, traitorous, evil DOGS and their murder-filled rhetoric against people that fear God.  Americans that DO fear God had better start hitting your knees in massive prayer against the ‘liberals’ and their ‘g’od, Satan.

SEE: Ex Black Panther Activist Warns Conservatives Of Coming 2012 Liberal Violence.

Trump To Prez B. Hussein Osama: “You Are Doing One Helluva LOUSY Job!”


Trump says….”We have a President that doesn’t give a damn about inconveniencing people…He’s a very inconsiderate guy. Stop with the fundraisers and start running the country. You are doing one hell of a lousy job.”

I have to disagree with one little thing…

DO NOT ‘do your job‘, Prez Hussein, just QUIT!

Resign, GET LOST.

NOBODY likes you except IDIOTS.

See: Trump To Cry-Baby, Bastard, Obama: ‘You Are Doing One Hell Of A Lousy Job’

Rand Paul: “Having More Than 7 Days Of Food Makes You A Suspected Terrorist!”

Fascist government of the USSA.  I told everyone I knew about the patriot act in 2001… That it was designed to imprison Americans…People didnt listen because they were high as a kite on the GOP or bust balloon.  IF Americans choose to NOT see that this has been happening under the GOP just as bad as the DEM, then everything I fear WILL come to pass: Invasion of America, consisting of Russian and Chinese troops, serious famine, inflation, great, great depression.



Listen to what Ran Paul says here:


S. 1867 — National Defense Authorization Act for FY 2012
(Sen. Levin, D-MI)
S 3081, Indefinite detention.

Obama Calling For Eric Holders Resignation? NO But Look At This 2007 Flashback Against Gonzales..

SEE: Obama Calling For Resignation Of Attorney General

Well over 50 members of Congress are now calling for Eric Holder’s resignation.


HOW LONG O LORD before you execute justice?


Illegal Alien Killed Himself Because USA Is So Mean…. Good, One Less Illegal.

See: Illegal, Occupying, Criminal Invader  martyred himself for Dream Act, BOO HOO.

He saved the work and money of us having to pay to deport his entitled ass.  This is how it is: You come to a country to be a citizen. You pay the money to be a citizen. You pledge loyalty to that country. Obviously this illegal had NO intention of EVER abiding by the law, case in point: He martyrd himself for the “dream act.”

If you feel sorry for this type miscreant, go join him. PLEASE.