Issa Just “Movin On Up” To ACORN NYC Case~What About HOLDERS Knowledge Of Fast And Furious/2009?!

I cannot believe this shit.

Issa, the howdy-doody of the political world has moved on from Holder to ACORN.  Holder will go scot-free and Brian Terry’s family will receive NO justice for this f*cking MURDERER that sits as Attny Gen.

I have HAD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Issa Calls For Probe Of New York’s Reconstituted ACORN Group

This letter that Eric Holder wrote is supposed to just give this sonofabitch a FREE PASS?  Imagine if he was WHITE.

If Holder was white, he would have been forced into resignation a year ago. 



4 thoughts on “Issa Just “Movin On Up” To ACORN NYC Case~What About HOLDERS Knowledge Of Fast And Furious/2009?!

  1. It’s sorta like them spitting in their own faces, isn’t it.

    The reeking stench of organized crime elements and their disgusting manipulations, diversions and influences are wearing thin.

    They’ve found themselves in a heap of hoodie from all their recent activities. From the lies and attacks on Herman Cain, the links between Chicago and Romney, to Penn State (another CIA slop funded University), to the re-emergence of interest in the missing District Attorney, to the parade of lying bimbos from Axelrod’s office, to Acorn and Holder, their biggest mistake was in thinking the American public is too ignorant, too downright stupid, to investigate THEM.

    And ah, as they get wind of questions, smart questions being asked, they throw out yet another sack of shit thinking it will run everyone away, divert their focus.

    It only serves to make everyone more determined to continue their investigations and research.

    From Chicago to Vegas to the Romney family polygamy camp that is rumored among Mormon groups to be providing safe haven to drug cartels in Mexico, that research is happening. It just sorta smells bad when The Presidency of the Mormon church issued a dictate that the “lamanites” (their word for Mexican cartels and other minorities) would be housed and cared for in Mormon Temples — and even be provided use of the LDS communications system in the Temples to stay in touch with each other, and directed the Mormon membership to be prepared to hand over their food storages to feed those criminals yep, that stinks. It also stinks that Mormons pack the FBI and CIA and drove both agencies, with active assistance from their Muslim compadres, into the ground.

    Santa isn’t the only one taking names and noting who is naughty and who is nice.

    And we wonder why Obama flat ignores the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. He and his rat pack want the U.S. Military ignored, besmirched, weakened and gone.

    Ain’t gonna happen.

  2. Granny. I read that also, waiting for confirmation. Looking into the timeline.
    That SOB is conveniently late, way too much. Like he doesn’t give two shits.

    I am waiting for a video to surface. He was scheduled at 11AM

  3. The info I received is that Biden, not Obama, would place the wreath at the Tomb.

    I haven’t yet seen any videos or received more info either. Info might not kick back up until after Veterans Day.

    There was something about Texas investigating the Penn State sexual assault incidents. That dude better hope and pray he ain’t prosecuted in Texas. He definately won’t like the accommodations or the company.

    On everything else, to get a full and complete picture of what is going on, the time line goes back to the 1950s and even further back. I was amazed this situation has been so longterm.

    Keep us posted on what you discover, will you? Thanks.

  4. Spellbound, have you had any thoughts about any possible connections between the Penn State atrocities and the Larry King/White House child abductions and sex rings?

    There is an uneasy feeling with the Penn State atrocities. There are just too many things that don’t add up — the missing D.A., the cases put in file 13, the crimes continuing over a very long time — it doesn’t make sense UNLESS someone really really high on the ladder is benefitting somewhere in this picture — and it’s someone higher than a stupid coach or his ilk. If you look at the sites of all the involved incidents you really have to ask where the hell were the parents OR what happened to the parents of those children. There are entire areas where people just looked the other way. Who shut those people up, and how?

    We know in the Larry King/White House incident, children from as far away as Texas were involved. The pervs drove around in limos through poor neighborhoods kidnapping those children for those White House sex parties. I remember vividly speaking with a woman about this, and even years after the fact she feared her family would be killed if the mysterious “they” discovered we had talked. But the fact remains, those children did in fact name names of very important elected officials — something they could not have possibly known unless they had been there and experienced the atrocities first hand.

    This needs to be thoroughly investigated by real and fearless investigators, not coverup artists, keeping in mind that a top notch investigator was murdered when he was working the Larry King/white House affair. Their own personal security is a must.

    I’m not holding my breath waiting on that type of real investigation to happen …

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