The Little Rascals Saturday

The Little Rascals were my absolute favorite Saturday morning TV.  They should have this on now, but the fascists probably think this is racist & sexist.

My favorite~ LOL:

5 thoughts on “The Little Rascals Saturday

  1. Everyone loved the “Little Rascals”.

    Memories come flooding back just thinking of them, all good memories.

    I want my bunch to watch them.

  2. Wild, we all watched the same TV, before society became infused with being politically correct.

  3. The “Little Rascals” were shown in serials at the show. We got ten cents a week for our work and all pitched in to buy one show card that cost $3.00. With one of those cards you could go to the show as many times as you wanted to and not have to pay.

    The card was snuck from kid to kid to get everyone all in for free. One of the ladies saved the popcorn left in the popper for us. She’d always whisper, “yall share this now”, and we did.

    Finally a man who said he owned the show demanded the card back. He said we were stealing shows by handing around the card to everyone. I gave him back the card and that ended our show-going.

    That was sure a great Summer and he really did have good shows.

    It’s funny — we never worried about getting in the show, the worry was how we would get to the show. The show was in town and we were out in the boonies on a mesa top. But that’s another story.

    I haven’t thought about those shows in years. Thanks for the memories!

    p.s. Now you call shows “movies”.

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