50 Black, Domestic Terrorists ‘Flash Mob’ 7-11~Drudge FAILS To Mention RACE–AGAIN

This makes me sick.  For ie: An older couple, black, or white go into a 7/11… A mob of 50 blacks come in and start stealing everything.  …But, here is the kicker: They dont think anything of the mob & get trampled…Why?  Because the MSM, Drudge and all of the talking-head jackasses refused to point out race because of Communist “Political Correctness”. 

IMO, this is domestic terror, Why?

Because I believe that anyone in the store was scared shitless. 


Thanks a lot, DRUDGE, YOU are part of the problemo.

SEE: 50-person mob shoplifts at 7-ELEVEN...

5 thoughts on “50 Black, Domestic Terrorists ‘Flash Mob’ 7-11~Drudge FAILS To Mention RACE–AGAIN

  1. Another conservative site does not mention BLACK Flash Mob
    ( videos), It is the Holiday’s,, they want to take rather than receive.

    flash mob of about 50 young people swarmed a 7-Eleven in Silver Spring, Maryland on Saturday night and made off with snacks, drinks, and pretty much anything else they felt like grabbing.

    I find it a little disconcerting that none of these punks seemed to care that they were being recorded by the security cameras. They had to know that, right? At least a thief wearing a ski mask is tacitly acknowledging the fact that he is doing something wrong. These people commit their crimes in the open, as if the law doesn’t even matter. Our society cannot be that fargone yet – is it?

    Anyone with information about the case should call Montgomery County police at 301-565-5835.


  2. How is it that some of us saw this coming a mile away (since the ’70s) and yet so many Americans are shocked at black animality? The popular media have indeed brainwashed an entire generation of Americans.

  3. Dont know, Jim. My hubby is a 100% Jew and is none too fond of black people (unless they are Christian or patriotic, he lived 5 miles from Harlem most of his life, 61 years)
    He believes that white Christians are supposed to be in charge of America, NO minorities inc Jews.

    I, myself didnt see this too much with black people, I see it ALL the time with Mexicans.
    Why are they like this?
    It takes 500 years, total, to civilize. And, in this case, many dont want to. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, like Alan West, you know the rest. IMO, the MSM and the “Liberals” love this shit, and one day they will pay the price, GOD willing.

  4. Just so we do not forget, here is a video of the prior Black Terrorist Flash Mob Attacks in Philadelphia.

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