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Recently, ‘Right Wing’ News put out a post…It was their high and mighty opinion of the most ‘influential’ people in news. 

Well, we are here to refute this idiocy.

The 20 Most Influential Conservative Women In Politics Yeah right. Here is our proof that they are NOT ‘the most influential:

Tammy Bruce came in at #20… “Gay” is the way with Tammy Bruce. Can someone please explain to me how ‘gay’ and conservative, Christian types go hand in hand? Now, she gets a few brownie points for calling Obama a ‘bastard’, in 2010 and making it to Media Matters…Bravo..

Liz Cheney came in #19.  Carpet munching Liz… This is what defines as a ‘conservative’ on ‘right wing’ news.  OK, WHATEVER…Let’s not forget she comes from the seed that loves big government, Dick Cheney.  Brilliant, “Right Wing” News-NOT.

Dana Perino came in #15.  This is the broad that takes up for Obama every so often. Has absolutely ZERO backbone and is a borderline ‘liberal’.  But, this is what a conservative makes, now.

Condi Rice was #9: Former foreign policy advisor to George Bush, former Secretary of State. Nuf Sed.

Ann the MAN Coulter came in #2.  This is the closet liberal that dates liberal-Communist men, because she can’t handle a conservative, God-fearing Christian man. Also the bimbo that called the ‘birthers’ nuts, then demanded to know why the MSM didn’t ‘vet out’ Obama. This is the same hag that attends and speaks at the GOProud events, but this is what defines a “Conservative”-Christian.  Ann is a fag-hag, period.

  And for #1: DRUM ROLL….  Sarah Palin. Who nobody knew about until late 2008.  Most people also don’t know that she appointed a radical feminist and pro-abortion judge to the SCOAlaska.  Folks don’t know that Mrs. Palin was 100% FOR a ‘bridge to no-where’ before she was against it. People also dont seem to care that under Palins watch, before she quit the governership, she championed for the most ‘income’ per capita (ON OUR DIME) in the form of EARMARKS for the state of Alaska.  “Conservatives” don’t seem to give a rats ass that Mrs. Palin had Randy Sheunemann, an employee of Soros on her staff for 3 years.  I am happy that she is not running, but only because she can attack the left at random, and this I believe will be her redeeming quality in the political spectrum.  I will stand in the gap for Mrs. Palin in that respect.

Now, you can make your own decisions and like whoever you want. But I am sick of the damned hypocrisy with the GOP or bust idiots that call themselves “Conservative” AND Christian.

   DONNA. Our girl, is a great news breaker who CARES about this nation and does not waver under pressure.  Who broke the news on the Black Panthers “Kill Whitey” in early May 2010, before anyone else. Black Panther on Philly Ballot & “It’s Time To Kill ALL White …

QV, Our Buddhist blogger cares more about what is going in with REAL American people and is not even from America….!!

This is only one post on the ‘right’ idiocy….  A post I will do very soon will show you how these vomitous gasbags STEAL our stuff here, on our blog- it will floor you.


These people should get the hell out of our lives and allow REAL Conservative and Christian people fight the battles, because they do a SLOPPY job.