Another Obama Scandal: Prez Makes NAVY Over-Pay For ‘Green’ Jet Fuel. Jet Fuel-Gate Is Obama’s New Solyndra

  There is absolutely NO end to the corruption in the O administration.  When we said that it is an Obama-nation, it is. 

Read this for yourself, unbe-frikkin-lievable.  Of course we will not hear about this for a week at least.  The daylight robbery of the American people never seem to end.

H/T, QV: Jet Fuel-Gate Is Obama’s New Solyndra:

Obama is a sonofabitch that needs to be OUSTED….This is fascism in black face.

5 thoughts on “Another Obama Scandal: Prez Makes NAVY Over-Pay For ‘Green’ Jet Fuel. Jet Fuel-Gate Is Obama’s New Solyndra

  1. Ridiculous. WTF are they doing. Oh, that’s right the company is linked to Obama administration. Next our Navy will be depending on sailing ships and cannons.

    Bob A.

  2. And the US Navy wants to battle Russia and China. HAHAHAHAHA! This is what happens when American Idiots elected a Cocaine Addict to be their Corruption-in-Chief. Carry on eating your green peas, Idiots!

    Oh, Iran has said: ‘If the world wants to make the region insecure, we will make the world insecure’: Iran threatens to shut Strait of Hormuz with military exercise. No way is China that depends on Iranian oil, nor Russia will allow the US Insatiable Greedy Criminals Against Humanity take on Iran without a thermonuclear war.

    As I said, this is Persia the Idiots of the West are dealng with. Persians have brains. All that Arab arselicking is coming to nought!

  3. Oooooh er, Seychelles has offered China to host Chinese naval ships in the Indian Ocean island nation, highlighting the increasing global reach of a navy that recently launched its first aircraft carrier.
    Ooooooh aaaaah, with America still scrambling to explain why and how they lost a drone aircraft over Iran last week, the Pentagon is trying to make sense of how another high-tech unmanned spy craft crashed Tuesday morning in the Seychelles. Officials at the US embassy in Mauritius confirmed the crash onTuesday morning, revealing that an MQ-9, or “Reaper” drone, had landed at Seychelles International Airport, citing mechanical issues.

    The Pentagon is starting to ROT from the inside. Gooooooood!

    The time to bid bye bye to the existence of America draws closer. Wonderful!

  4. Hussein and his Green energy bull shit again. Americans are bled dry. Just keep placing it on our No Limit credit card. Someone is going to have to pay the freakin bill.

    Ass Hole was on the tube again today, It is like government media.
    From Ft. Bragg, getting whiplash, bringing the troops home. la la la. ( I was changing channels)

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