Breast-feeding in public… Ew

So-I am in a debate with a moron at Breitbart’s.  This person (I don’t know if IT is a she/he)  but calls me ‘sanctimonious’ because I do not think it is classy, and also believe that it lacks manners and decency.. Of course, I used the word ‘tit’, to get a point across, because I believe it is totally primitive, and I like to sort-of shock people… 😀

  So, back in the day, even 20 years ago, women did not do this in public… And, NO, I am not saying it is a ‘dirty act’ which is also what the jackass accused me of on Breitbart.   My question is; If you didn’t have a baby, would you do it?  The answer is a resounding NO (IF you are a half-way decent woman)    Now, why would a decent woman not do this? BECAUSE IT WOULD SHOW A WOMANS BOOB, THATS WHY. And a married woman, especially, should only be showing her breasts to her man…. How stupid are people now??  Men are visual, physical.. If a good-looking woman happens to slip the little blankie off her boobie…what will a present man see?  He will see her BOOB..And, yeah, it will entice him a little. It is the way it is..Even with all of the ‘p.c.’ garbage, men are still men, gals, whether YOU like it or not… One man on Breitbart told the truth, he said:


I rest my case..

  Women in America don’t seem to care about decency in public places, anymore.  Flopping a tit out for all the world to see, in my opinion is disgusting.  …..Of course, I have had a personal experience… When I went back to working in a restaurant in the early 2000’s (After losing it all in the S.E.)  I was waiting on a woman who was inexperienced with her gadget.. I knelt down, and bada boom, bada bing, SPLASH!!  In my face, went the boobie milk.  Thank you very much, lady… You made my day. The cherry on the top of my cake..


I am sure it is a wonderful thing, between a baby and the mother, and I LOVE babies… but, in my opinion, it should be a private thing to enjoy.  SO SUE ME!

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  1. Oh this one’s near and dear to me. 🙂 I’ve spent a lot of years nursing. Many restaurants don’t have a private place to nurse, and really, the thought of eating (ie: baby’s nursing is their way of eating) in public restrooms is nasty. Who sits on a toilet to eat?

    But a nursing mother doesn’t have to whip out her breasts and show them off in public just to feed her baby. I always had a blanket with me to cover up and no one was ever the wiser. I once had a waitress get startled when she saw the blanket I had on was moving, lol. “Oh my gosh, I had no idea there was a baby under there!” Discretion in public is totally doable and courteous for everyone involved. 🙂

    In all honesty, I always felt the “whip it out” ones were really just using nursing as an excuse for their exhibitionism.

  2. Darcs, It is not OK to me.
    This is a PRIVATE thing, and before feminism came along, women just didnt do this in public.

    Thats how I feel.

  3. I once had a waitress get startled when she saw the blanket I had on was moving, lol. “Oh my gosh, I had no idea there was a baby under there!”

    Darcs, she was a SHE.
    Men, in general do NOT enjoy this or think it is OK.

    You think it is ok, and that is cool. I am just telling you, that if I was with you, I would be totally embarrassed and probably walk out.
    They did it in rest-rooms when I was younger and nobody complained.

  4. I am 63 years old. Women didn’t do this in public places until someone told them it was kosher.

    As a man, I do not wish to see nursing in public. With a blanket, without a blanket.

    It would be nice to see women be ladies again.

  5. OMG, I am laughing so hard, it is how you represent this opinion, I DO agree.

    Men will be men.

    X rated live entertainment. ( flasher in progress)

    I always felt, when I was in a airplane, close proximately to the woman an baby in question.

    Out pops the breast. here we go.

    I always felt uncomfortable when any of my friends, would do it in company.
    Go to a bathroom or bedroom not with everyone around.

    you made my day,


  6. Last comment:

    Many people do not have babies. Out of courtesy and unselfishness, women that are nursing should think about this in public places. The world does not revolve around women, even though they believe it does.

  7. Well, Donna, all people have diff opinions…but when I was younger, this was UNHEARD of.
    It is VERRRRRRRYYYYY uncomfortable!!!!!

    Glad you agree, most women and younger women will not, but they didnt know ‘way back when’.

  8. Thanks for posting, MJ. I think three things are going on here 1) implementing the breakdown of the culture 2) pitting men and women against each other 3) giving the rotten women (the one either suckered into the system, or who eagerly buy into it for the benefits) just another form of license to do whatever the hell they want, and to hell with everyone else.

  9. I agree, EFT.
    Darcs, of course is a super nice person and probably very discreet, but I cant change how I feel.

  10. Hi David, MJ,

    It always creeped me out as a woman. It was always in the back of my mind what I really felt about the issue and never talked about it.

    I had a baby and got the shot to dry it all up. ( No breastfeeding for me)
    Yes, made the decision.
    Hospitals do not allow this practice any longer.

    My son had a synthetic milk ( bottles) form and grew up strong and with many brain cells.

    I have always bucked traffic in my life.

  11. Then, there is the whole breast pumping procedure that amazes me.

    I was going to that place in my life.

    Why would you want to subject yourself with a freakin’ machine at the start of the day, if you were not around to be with your baby?

    The breast pump.( No I will not place a video up of this, Dear Lord)

    Women that were working would do this.

    many of jokes have been circled around the storage

    Just keep your breasts in your shirt in public.

    Men would start circling around like vultures.

  12. Guess who. 😀

    Throughout most of our history women breast fed in public. No one seems to ask my opinion if I cared if they went around in public looking un-aoirthoiry (I would say DONT do it..) so I hold that no one needs my permission to breast feed in public.

    She also doesn’t get to whinge though when I or other men notice she is breast feeding. The attention seekers can bugger off.

  13. I luv you folks, but; rest assured you’ll never be able to enjoy a vacation on the beach, almost anywhere in Europe…where many women don’t wear the top half of their bikinis on most public beaches.

    You’ll never be able to serve on the Peace Corps, in the tribal regions of Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos, where all the married women in the village go completely topless and only the unmarried women cover their breasts…

    You can always go shopping in Paris…! 😉

  14. I have not been outside of America except Me hi co-EW!
    What can you expect in 3rd world countries, Gramps? And that is what we are becoming, case in point.

  15. I will say this for the Israelis, they have a much much fairer policy than the Italians, that according to this note… actually an patrol the beaches with “ugly woman beach police”…?

    “In the Tel Aviv area there is only one I think, but its fairly large. Also, toplessness is allowed I believe of course, the problem with that is that, unlike in Italy where the law forbids ugly women from walking around the beach topless, in Israel, there is gender equality, at least in upper class ashkenazi society, so, man-face women can walk around topless if they wish. I’m not making this up; if an unattractive woman walks around topless on an Italian beach, she faces a 200 Euro fine. Repeat offenders get a week of jail-time. Some Italian beaches do not let out of shape or unattractive women wear thongs either.

    Those damn, Italians…!

  16. Personally, I’d like to know what the “Italian Beach Police, Manual”, says about over weight, out of shape, males, wearing bikini’s or Speedo’s on there sandy shores…?

    Is “he gone”… if his paunch is larger than his package…?
    Inquiring minds…would like to know…!

  17. Hi Gramps.

    in my travels ( Scandinavia and the Caribbean) for over 3 years, you think America is in the dark ages.


    This is the 21st Century, we are supposed to be civilized, blah blah blah,, women have been doing it for centuries.

    Times are changing, Finally there is women and men here that see the same way as me ( thinking I am old fashioned)

    btw, your avater cracks me up everytime I see it 🙂

  18. Here ya go Gramps,,,

    Why the hell do European men wear those swimming briefs in America?

    very very tight swimwear that usually exposes the size of a guys penis

    Speedos are quite a common swimwear choice for men and boys who live in Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia (especially Russia). Unfortunately, for some bizarre reason, speedos aren’t well received in North America.

    Speedos have even managed to make their way into rules and laws of certain establishments and areas. There are many swimming pools in Europe (especially France), which require all males to wear speedos for sanitary purposes.

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, the town of Cape May New Jersey USA had banned men from wearing speedos in public. In the 1960’s, the South Jersey beach town made a law stating that any…

    pics here,,,,r:2,s:0

  19. sb84…Hon, that ain’t no “avatar” that’s “yers truly”… sans pants, on my Kawasaki 1250cc…MOMMA…!

    She’s a real vibrator… at full throttle on a bumpy gravel road…

    I once really embarrassed my sister-in-law, by totally, “ripping” and going “totally naked”, stone cold sober… on an isolated sandy beach on the Keeweenaw, peninsula, of Upper Michigan…

    Thanks for the “Speedo” links… I’m a long time, connoisseur of its’ special attributes…!

    Hugs, sb84…you’re really special, Hon…!

  20. “sb84…Hon, that ain’t no “avatar” that’s “yers truly”… sans pants, on my Kawasaki 1250cc…MOMMA…!”

    Uh huh. So then how come you look suspiciously identical to the Michael O’Sullivan played by David Kelly in “Waking Ned Devine”?

    Are you David Kelly? Or maybe you thought you could blow one by Aoirthoir An Broc, THE Aoirthoir of the Age of Aquarius?

  21. AAB,M…They used me as their “stunt guye”…it really is my moto-cycle…

    BTW: I’m and Aquarian too…probably doesn’t matter to YOU…?

    …I’m, really not wearin’ NO PANTS, too…!

  22. AAB,M…actors, being paid a quarter mil, for a picture…don’t do their own stunts…

    Even you, should be aware of that contract stipulation…?
    It was one “helluva RIDE”…!

    They even paid me extra for bringing “MOMMA” along for the RIDE..!

  23. Gramps et al. Yall can call me just Aoirthoir.

    In any case yes that is the movie.

    Gramps you can cut out the shaming attempt “even you should be….” as if somehow I am so low on the totem that facts would be beyond my scope.

    But here is something even I do know, actors routinely ride motorcycles in the movies here in the several States, and in many movies the actors perform their own martial art stunts. So I presumed that David Kelly drove the motor cycle himself.

    Perhaps that is you or not. If so you share a striking resemblence to David Kelly.

  24. Thats a little different, more sane.
    Far leftists, like Gramps, believe there is no real difference in gender.

  25. Well, Broc (I like Broc), they believe there is *NO* difference.
    You must be a REAL liberal.
    For liberty.
    I know another lady that is like that.
    I am just a patriot right wing nut 😀

  26. Yes I am a liberal by the actual meaning of the word. Not the meaning of “I will complain about how morafeckinglistic the right is and control but then try to control everyone to follow my morals.” Which usually is the same thing as saying “I am a feminized liberal:.

    Wild site? You mean It is the most important site on the internet.

  27. Again he is most definitely NOT liberal. Feminist yes. Notice his ableism.

    For your information gramp, alcoholism is a DISEASE. They do NOT deserve to be thrown under the feckin’ bus for your pejoratives. Next time just say you don’t like her writing style.

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