HALLELUYAH!! NO Cancer, Just 2 BIG Tumors That I Will Have Removed, March 7th…..

By hysterectomy. UGH..

  ..I want to thank so many people for praying for me. Donna, QV, LoopyLou, Steve, C.K., Boudica-Bob, Grumpy Elder, Barb, Tiffany, EFT, and yes…Our very dearest Jew hater, The INCOG MAN   requested I said a Latin Prayer, (And that it would work) so- I didnt ‘brush him off‘.  I pondered it in my heart..When you are scared to death of getting or having cancer, ALL prayers are needed. TY, Incog….  😉  Rofl.

So, please accept my thanks, and asking that God will bless each and every one of you 10 fold. Thank you all so much-if I missed anyone, please know that you are inc as well!!!

This is a song about people…Especially for our beloved Incog… HA HA HA

Streisand-Man, she is a DOG!!

(Well, not too bad then, but now- BARF) 😀

And what a sucky, nasty Bolshevik jerk but what a voice she DID have.

I made this…to say…THANK YOU.

Joan Of Arc.

MSNBC/Politico RACIST/BIGOTS Call Florida Panhandle ‘Cracker Counties’

F’n RACISTS. Its OK to say “Cracker, white cracker whore, whitey, vanilla cracker, white bitch, ETC.”  But NOT Ok to use the holy grail “N” word.


Who the hell died and made the “N” word bigger than God, anyway??!!

Frank Antenori, A Catholic Conservative, Retired US Army Man Is Running For Gabby Giffords Seat.

Frank Antenori

  • Special Forces · Sep 1988 to May 2004
    Special Forces Medical Sergeant 1988-1996 Special Forces Q-Course Instructor 1996-2000 Special Forces Intel Sergeant 2000-2002 Special Forces Operations Sergeant (Team Seargeant) 2002-2004
Religious Views

Political Views

Video Tribute To “Mooch” (Michelle Obama) The Mad Black Woman

She’s an “Angry Black Woman”, she’s a Hateful, Racist, Woman … PERIOD!

And don’t EVER get between her and her French Fries!

Today is just another day in the Obama household.  Moochelle spent a whopping 50 K on clothes this very day at Madison Ave…  We dedicate this song and video to our readers.

Video production by:

Ann Coulter’s Twitter~The Leftist-NAZI Wet Dream. “Palestinians In US Are Such Sweet People”

@AnnCoulter Ann Coulter

Palestinians in US are always such sweet people.

Yep…sweet as pie. 

I knew a Pali when I was a manager in retail. It was during 9/11/01. I called to see if she was ok.  She answered the phone and was laughing–she and her sister were laughing.  I said, “What in the hell are you laughing at?”   She replied: “Bin Laden is our hero”. 

Wow…just wow..

I said: “What do you think about what happened, today?”  She replied; “The Jews did it”.   I said, “What would you say that for?”  She said “We always say that.” 

‘Why do you always say that?’…… “

I don’t know, we just do.” she replied.   Her name was Amiera

Yep, ANN….”Sweet people”  What a douche bag Ann Coulter has become. 

Why not just move to Fuckestine, ANN?

Sweet people….

All New! The “Angry Black Barbie”

A couple weeks ago, Michelle Obama, first broad didn’t want to be labeled as an ‘angry black woman’. Something to that effect. Whatever… We here at TMJ have made the All new, never presented: First Angry, black Barbie for all of the angry black female Obama voters.  😀 


(And….who gives a shit if it is….jus sayin.)

Night-time DENIM Trend; Red, Blue, & True

We dedicate these songs to the first broad:


God DAMN America.

Illegal Obama “Propped Up” By Congress And The Supreme Court …


Illegal Obama “Propped Up” By Congress And The Supreme Court  “Cry & Howl“…

How in the hell do these people sleep at night with this treachery? How?

Watch this, its all true, I have covered much of it, though not as clean. I am a sloppy writer.  By his OWN admission, his daddy is not even born in America and that is OK with the Demo-fascists, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly and every other closet traitor in America.

LT COL Al West To Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Wasserman-Shultz: “Take Your Communism & GTFOUT Of America!”