AZ Orders Funding Withheld From School District Over Anti-White Studies Program


They even sing about ‘killing the white man‘.

Imagine if we were singing ‘kill all the Mexicans, kill all the blacks‘. 


7 thoughts on “AZ Orders Funding Withheld From School District Over Anti-White Studies Program

  1. I am an admitted racist. I HATE ILLEGALS!!! I do not care where they come from,and do not care what color they are,if they are in my country illegally then I HATE THE PARASITIC BASTARDS !
    I have a few friends who came here from Mexico LEGALLY, and they are good hard working people. These are here because they did not want to live in a country that was full of the same trash that slithers across the border illegally.
    ANY freak that hates white people,should try to remember who made this country great. It was not them or their forefathers,it was White people,and without us,the country would turn to shit,just like mexico.

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  3. I stared to leave a comment earlier— instead I thought I’d make sure I knew what I was talking about… The more I dug the worse it got.. It turned into a blog– I told my readers it was all your fault..

    I was mad when I read your post, madder when I found out what length the people supporting these courses would go to keep the public from finding out what was being taught.. and furious when I found out who was behind it and why..

    I wouldn’t have dug into this if it hadn’t been for you– BTW that’s twice today you’ve posted video’s I wish I’d seen first..

  4. Grumpy, I confess I am trying to make people righteously indignant.
    GO FOR IT.
    I own zero here and we need to be wize to this crap!

  5. Yesterday, 14 February,2012 was Centennial of Arizona Statehood! Though I am not from AZ, I thank HaShem for the fact that it even exists, what with Obozo’s War against it!
    In fact, the Grand Canyon State bears a resemblance to a certain other desert pariah state in the Middle East…which Obozo and the Marxists seem to have a problem with!
    HaShem Protect Arizona! Am Yisra’El Chai!

  6. I so agree, Larry.
    Please HaShem; protect AZ. (I live here)
    I believe there is a special protection on AZ, Larry- I could be wrong.
    There are a lot of Israelis in AZ, did you know that?
    37 Chabad houses in the S. AZ area and we have 72 churches in my area that are Israel-friendly.

    They left Israel because the govt in Israel is not nice to Jews.
    Nevermind the palis. They are not nice to the Jews that love HaShem.

    Remember Gush Katif?

    The desert blooms here, btw 😀

  7. Larry, we hope you cont to come here.
    Mar 7th, I have to get sliced: a hysterectomy, UGH.
    I never had kids b/c kids scared the hell out of me when I was a kid.
    So, because I didnt have children, I have tumors instead 😦

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