Email From A Ron Paul Supporter: “Sit Yo Ass Down, We ‘Libertarians’ Have Infiltrated Your Party” (GOP)

This was in the email…Are these people not the bees-knees…?? I am not even a Republican anymore, not for YEARS.  I am a registered Independent.  Well, this is what is in your party now, Republican people:  “SIT YO ASS DOWNand F*ck free speech, we wish to hear nothing you say.

In a message dated 1/8/2012 11:52:40 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time, j****** writes:
This is my reply:
I don’t see you “Libertarians” any different than the Marxist “Progressives”. Basically, they have told patriotic-Conservatives (YOU KNOW, people that fear God and godly values) to ‘sit yo ass down’ while they destroy this nation to the max. Well, there will be war. Count on it.
You are not any different than the rabid left-wing. This is disgusting. Touting this ‘freedom’ message, and at the same time, telling us to ‘sit yo ass down’. Hey, I will give you devils this: At least you are not quiet about it, thank you for that.
What a LOUSY ‘party’ you have, extremely ANTI-American. Anti founding fathers, anti Constitution (FREE SPEECH)
Preach no more of your guile. For it is lie. Slander against what you pretend to care about. “Principle?”
Sure, state-sponsored aborted babies and openly ‘gay’ in the military is your principles. And a lot of you claim Christianity.
You’ll answer to God, alongside of the Communists who hate babies and love abominations.
Shame on you. Just terrible.

11 thoughts on “Email From A Ron Paul Supporter: “Sit Yo Ass Down, We ‘Libertarians’ Have Infiltrated Your Party” (GOP)

  1. Its just terrible. The Conservative American has been told by the occupiers of the Repub party to sit yo ass down, and their ‘principles’ are DADT repeal and aborted babies. Say goodbye to Christian America.

    Bolsheviks, Progressives, NAZIS, Libertarians, Muslims and illegals are in charge now.

  2. It has not been two hours ago that I heard two different Ron (the squirrel) Paul supporters call,and try to spin the truth and were shut down by REAL FACTS!!! These loons are so ignorant that they think they,AND RON deserve to be able to make up their own facts.
    These loonbats really do not know history.Ron knows some,but not very far back. The musloid goat lovers have been against the United States,since the beginning,and against England before that! Always have been against Gods people, The Jewish people have been fighting for survival since the beggining of time,so Ron and his minions need to re-think their rhetoric.

  3. They ARE obnoxious and rude! Sheesh! And yes, they preach FREEDOM, but without direction which means nothing but anarchy! And only THEIR brand of freedom, and those who disagree – ya, well! PREACH IT, SISTA Oh and don’t forget the legalized recreational drugs! 😉

  4. For real, Barb…it is his FOLLOWERS that have TOTALLY turned me off of him, entirely.
    I voted for Paul in the primaries in 2008. But, I was not EVER like this!!!
    Yes, Barb! I KNOW about the drugs!

  5. They have been like this since 2007, Silus.
    I was totally with Paul in 2008 and voted for him in the primaries. But look at this crack pots followers and HIS voting record. He is just as bad as the rest of them.
    I just dont like any of these people.
    However, I will vote for whoever is the pro-life and against ‘gay’ anything, WTF does ‘gay’ have to do with freedom or liberty as well as toking away at the bong.

  6. Hey MJ,

    Ron Paul supporters give the sensible Libs a bad name. By sensible I mean someone who grew up during a time where the GOP actually stood for smaller gov’t, less taxes, pro-business and personal freedoms. I don’t know if the Libertarian party is the right place for me, but I don’t even recognize the GOP of today though.

  7. It is his SUPPORTERS!
    Seems ancient, Capt when the govt was small and America was normal and happy 😦

  8. This came in an email? Then it has to be for real. Ever stop to think that it could have been sent by a Ron Paul hater? Probably not.

    Wrap yourselves in the American flag so you can feel good and patriotic as you support the endless wars created by the American military industrial complex in the name of “humanitarian aid” & “nation building”. Vote for your establishment candidate of choice & prepare for WW3. Who’s really insane?


    Damn….knocked my bong over again.


  9. Sorry, MR: I have no reason to lie.
    I supported R Paul WITH this person in 2007, 2008.
    I have known this person for over 20 years. Please dont insinuate that I would lie.

    We speak out about Obamas wars and Bushs wars, here MR.

    I dont endorse anyone, you can read through the blog to see this for yourself.

  10. @Mr—I am on this thread, too.
    Yep, it is what she said.
    Calling our MJ a liar??

    Typical Pauler.

  11. Nevermind, all in all, MR is a nice person.
    Probably thinks we support Romney, Newt or some other jackass.
    We endorse NOBODY here. NOBODY.

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