5 thoughts on “This Is All America Has Left

  1. Amen to that! If they want to take my guns – they will have to get my bullets first.

    I had written to one of my lefty senators a bit ago. It was about supporting a concealed carry weapons permit – reciprocity bill. She e-mailed me back stating, that she will always stand up for the lawful citizens’ right to keep guns, while at the same time working for tougher gun control laws. Utter nonsense. Total oxymoron. In other words, she wants to preserve my right to have guns – while she is working hard to make sure I can’t buy (more) guns. She didn’t have my vote last time – and she certainly won’t get it next time. Idiot.

  2. these leftist anti-American democRAT bastards have no idea how hard it will be on them when they start trying to take guns away from true God fearing patriotic Americans. They had better take those obummer stickers off their cars.

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