Former Paul Supporter: “I Was Practically Driven Out Of Paul Camp For Not Being Anarchist”

I rest my case with some of these Paulans.  Maybe the old guy had half a chance? But, I really believe the “New Left” has infiltrated some good people in the Paul camp.  I know one lady that I really like who supports Paul. But thats about it. 

youngconstitutionalist (Diary) Saturday, January 7th at 10:04PM EST (link)

 ‘I finally thought through some of Paul’s more outrageous policies, both foreign and domestic. Also, the attitude amongst the Ron Paul camp is one of superiority over the other GOP constituencies, and tend to think more highly of leftist thinkers than conservative ones. Paul himself demonstrates that when he quotes leftists about other candidates on a regular basis.

I was practically driven out because I wasn’t an anarchist and believed we might have to intervene overseas on rare occasion (like Afghanistan and World War II). That made me a big government statist warmonger.’