I Really Miss The 1980’s

~I was listening to Duran Duran last night. I couldnt even sleep.  It brought me back. We had a country. We laughed out loud. We spoke our minds. Yep, we wore big shoulder pads and had gigantic hair. We loved our country. We had a Prez that made us feel good about America.  There was no ‘p.c.’ crap.

  I feel so lost in this mess, now.  All I know is this is not America. I dont know WTF it is, and cannot pin-point what type fascistic regime these authoritarians want, but none of it is American. NONE.

My all time favorite 80’s song:

Keep your damned “change”, just gimme back my 80’s.


11 thoughts on “I Really Miss The 1980’s

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  2. Me too. I was up all hours of the night
    last night, finally passing out cold some-
    where between 5 & 6, I don’t even re-
    member when exactly…

    I’m with you. The country I was born in
    isn’t the country I’m living in. Only the
    name and the flag’s the same. And from
    what I gather, even that may not last
    much longer.

    Everywhere I look I see foreigners who
    can barely speak English, but they all
    seem to be working. Every American I
    know is either broke or demoralized or
    both. I can’t remember when I was in
    such sad shape financially, and in
    terms of my relationships too. I’m sitting
    here in a depressing rented basement,
    alone, discouraged, and about ready
    to put a gun to my head. How could I
    ever have managed to arrive here, giv-
    en where I came from? That beautiful
    bright-eyed boy, full of love, and intelli-
    gence, and talent, and hopes, and
    dreams. Now my life looks like a night-
    mare I can’t wake up from. It was never
    meant to be this way. Not just for me,
    but for you too, Paulette — for all of us.

    During the course of our lifetimes, we’ve
    watched “The American Dream”, morph
    into The American Nightmare. And the
    the worst part is knowing the nightmare’s
    just begun…

    There are two components to a country,
    the real estate and it’s inhabitants.
    While the scenery has changed shape
    along the way, it’s the people who
    have altered the most dramatically.
    They’re not the same people they were
    back in the good old days you’re refer-
    ring to. Now their chief behavioral char-
    acteristics are greed and fear — crabs
    in a bucket.

    I live in a particulary tough town though,
    Atlanta. I’ve hated it from Day One. Five
    million crabs in a bucket. I’ve been here
    7 years now and haven’t made one le-
    gitimate friend. I can put a different wo-
    man in my bed every night but can’t find
    one who wants to love me. I can’t even
    find one today I can form and achieve a
    simple meaningful goal with, or agree
    with on anything significant under the
    sun. And that depresses me to no earth-
    ly end. If these people aren’t in the pro-
    cess of trying to beat you out of some-
    thing you have they want, they don’t
    want to know your name. When they get
    what they want — or when they don’t —
    you’re through — don’t call us, we’ll call
    you. I’m sitting on a goldmine of pure un-
    adulterated unconditional love over here,
    and can’t even give it away. Nobody
    even wants it.

    Everywhere I look, I just see one big mess,
    where nothing’s what it’s supposed to be,
    and there’s a problem attached to every-
    thing and everyone…

    You can feel free to make this comment
    go away after you read it, I won’t mind.
    I’m really not too sure it belongs here in
    the first place, and was meant for you

  3. John, you made me cry.
    When I was in CALIF, I watched my beautiful neighborhood go to shit. It was a nice, sane place-I lived in an apt. Within 8 years of open border insanity with Clinton the Bush, it is now the barrio. Every 15 minutes, helicopters, chasing some illegal scum. Little elderly American women shoved to the side like they are nothing. Older people are really treated like crap from these invaders. Makes me want to puke.

    John, you may just be better off with no American woman. They are all pretty brainwashed. You must understand that MAN is made in the image of God. And, it is not the time to throw that away when it is needed.

    This ‘country’ is comprised of too many non Romans. When I was a kid, in 4-5-6th grade, we learned American songs, we pledged and we sang. They taught American history and we all loved it–nobody failed history.

    I also look at the little girl I was, with so much belief, so much hope, liberty–only to become enslaved by ‘fellow’ Americans that are traitors within.
    Sickening, GOD HELP.

  4. Don’t cry, MJ.

    At least we got the last good taste of it.

    We lived it. We did.

    “It is better to have loved and lost, than
    to never have loved at all…”

    But we haven’t lost as long as we’re still
    left on our feet fighting. The fat lady ain’t
    nearly sang yet. Well, maybe in Calliforn-
    ia. I hear they have really trashed it…

    And we’re doing what we can. There’s
    only so much we can do. We can’t do
    all we want to do. We can’t do it all…

    But we can help. And we are helping.
    We’re doing what we can…

    We know it will never be what is was. But
    what it will be rests largely on our shoul-
    ders, and on the shoulders of those like
    us (awake, alert, refusing to bail or lay
    down for anyone, and full of p*ss & vine-

    I didn’t know if I could say that one word
    on here. I don’t want to get banned. I see
    that big warning sign up there. You can
    cuss like a sailor on my blog, though I
    don’t think anyone ever has but me. I’ve
    got the juice turned up so I can just let go
    if I feel like it. And I’m feeling like it more
    and more.

    If you ever find yourself in that “zone” you
    can come over and just let loose,..

  5. I’m sorry to hear about how you’ve found Atlanta John, but the way it is now is the reason I moved far south in my beloved state of Georgia.
    I grew up in Atlanta in the 1960s when it was still a cool town to live in.
    Sort of on the outskirts at the time, between Decatur and downtown, right off the Emory campus.
    I left for good in 1986 and have only been back a handful of times, each time it was less pleasant and more depressing than the time before.
    I wish you could have seen it during the good times, which in keeping with this post wound down in the early to mid 80s.
    I do love the low country in southeast GA now however, it’s stayed about the same for the last 30 years and doesn’t show much sign of changing.
    If it holds on like this for a few more decades I should just run out the clock a happy guy.
    It makes me happy to have left Atlanta every time I tune in to WSB online to check the latest headlines from “up home”.
    In other news, I’ve really been enjoying this site, I’ll be reading again after the blackout.
    Nice to find like minded people

  6. Hey Neil, I didn’t see you down here,
    after that last comment I never looked back.

    Thank you for this. I hope you see my note
    here. I’ve had other natives tell me the same
    thing: that it was the greatest place you could
    be until one day it blew up and went to shit.
    They say they don’t even recognize it now.
    Totally different city…


  7. HI JOHN: I have been super busy, I have not been able to just get over to see you. 😦 Sorry!

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