DREAM I HAD~England Invaded

Last night I had a dream, I believe in dreams, as messages from God, almighty, and it is not just for me, God says he will do this: “And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions”. Joel 2:28

  What I saw in this dream was too great and horrible for words, alone.   I saw England in my dream, getting prepared for war. They were fortified with battle array. Many men in chain mail with horses. A large fortress stood prepared for the invasion-many arrows, different type cannons, etc. There were different flags as well.  Men from all corners of England stood to fight off the coming invasion.

  The battle started, and to my horror, I saw men of England running out of the fortress.  I saw English men being THROWN OUT of the castle fort and killed. Men of England were running for their lives.  To my horror, watching the whole scenerio–it was too late. Germans had already invaded and were taking their spoils of war.


This is coming upon England in the years ahead.  

The Germans will align with all sorts of nations (China, a semi-friendly alliance with Russia, N. Korea, etc) that will be a coalition against America. It is coming. This can all be avoided. How?


REPENT and turn to GOD.


10 thoughts on “DREAM I HAD~England Invaded

  1. I do not doubt this one bit. I am only 2nd generation here from Germany. My grandparents used to frequently attend a German club in southern California pre-WWII(The Phoenix Club). They stopped when Hilter came to power and everyone there was constantly shouting “Heil Hitler!”. They were shocked and dismayed that anyone here in America would support him.

    Here we are just over 70 years later. Less than one complete generation later. And we seem to have forgotten. So many people do not know the horrors of that war. Children are no longer taught to remember the holocaust – and to be on alert not to ever let it happen again. Anti-semitism is at an all time high. The Nazi party is popping up all over the planet. Most don’t even know that Hilter was working hand in hand with the islamics. And now islam is taking the world by force – while the resident in the white house helps pave the road, and many other previously great nations give their own citizens rights away to pacify the enemy.

    Sounds all too familiar doesn’t it? Every thought that if they gave in to Hitler – he would stop once he got what he wanted. They were all wrong…and playing the same game again will not end any differently.

  2. MJ, I was wondering when you were going to have another dream. We are currently watching a nightmare unfold in US again, Obama another 4 years, We will not have to worry about an invasion. 😦

  3. Why lament for England? As England did to Israel, so Yahweh will do to England. Britain is the isles where its people turned against God, and its Methodist Church (the strongest) preaches the destruction of Israel and Jews. And they have the strong Presbyterain Church of America as a staunch ally to destroy Israel. They preach their Church is the chosen one. The destruction of Israel and every living Jew is their ultimate aim as they consider both Israel and Jews to be the Danger to the World.

    BUT allow Homosexuality as normal, and gay priests to be ordained.

    Only the church of Scotland is vehemently opposed to gay marriages and gay priests!

    And so, Britain that sold all its Crown Jewel Industries and have to depend on Germany for their water, electricity, military needs , and will be defeated and its surviving people led in chains. The ‘queen’ will be delighted. She’s GERMAN.

  4. BUT allow Homosexuality as normal, and gay priests to be ordained.

    Gross, this is why this is coming upon them.

  5. I will immediately take hold of your rss feed as I can’t in finding your email subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please allow me know so that I could subscribe. Thanks.

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