Good 4 Sen Rand Paul~He Tells TSA Where To “Stick Their Pat-Down!”

Our beloved QV writes:

The Land of the Oppressed, America, where freedom is Zilch!

Ron Paul’s Facebook page reports that his son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, is being held by authorities at the airport in Nashville.

Paul has called for an investigation of the Department of Homeland Security. The Transportation Security Administration is part of the Department of Homeland Security.

Now, all Americans who say they live in a Free Land, please step forward and say it is so. Otherwise, STFU


3 thoughts on “Good 4 Sen Rand Paul~He Tells TSA Where To “Stick Their Pat-Down!”

  1. This is a Brilliant post, it has lighten the day.

    This is what the Obama Admin had to say,

  2. I would have rushed the Freakin TSA left and got on another plane in another terminal. But Obama made sure the TSA is Union Now.

    F’n Ass Holes!

    Let’s be clear,” Carney said. “The passenger was not detained. He was escorted out of the area by local law-enforcement.”

    But Sen. Paul told TheDC that he certainly felt like he was detained. “If you’re told you can’t leave, does that count as detention?” Paul asked.

    “I tried to leave the cubicle to speak to one of the TSA people and I was barked at: ‘Do not leave the cubicle!’ So, that, to me sounds like I’m being asked not to leave the cubicle. It sounds a little bit like I’m being detained.”

    For an hour and a half, they said ‘absolutely, I would have to [accept a pat-down],’” Paul said. “And, because I used my cell phone, they told me I would have to do a full body pat down because you’re not allowed to use your cell phone when you’re being detained.”

    “It’s like, well, I can’t call my attorney? I can’t call my office to tell them I’m going to miss a speech to 200,000 people?”

    “In the end, after two hours of this quarreling,” Sen. Paul explained, “they did let me walk through the screener [machine] and it didn’t go off. So what the TSA is not telling you is the screeners are being used as random devices as well. The [mechanical] screeners will go off randomly, and the [agent] screeners don’t know that it’s a random call but it has nothing to do with what you’ve done.”

    “But then you’re made to think that, ‘Oh, there’s a problem. We have to look at this,’” Paul said. “But, they’re wasting time, I think, by doing this. Instead of targeting people who meet a risk profile for terrorism, what they’re doing is they’re just doing these random things. But, I think it’s a waste of time and it’s insulting to put people through a body pat down when they have not shown any risk.”

  3. MJ, Donna, you can see by the LACK of affirmative response that Americans are simply NOT interested .

    There are no warning bells in their thick skulls that if this could happen to a U.S. elected Senator, what would it mean for them?

    And mutely, numbly, brain-dead zombie fashion they accept their darling Nigger’s administration bullshit:

    “I think it is absolutely essential that we take necessary actions to ensure that air travel is safe.”

    They’ll say the same thing when they come to hustle you into FEMA camps.
    And American Idiots will be smiling and cheering all the way to their detention.

    Keep burying your collective heads deeper in the Bog of Denial & Ignorance sheeple. What a joke of a supine, spineless, lily-livered sheeple.

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