Ann Coulter: “Romney Is The Most Conservative Candidate” Really….!?

No he isnt, you dumb blonde bimbo.  Santorum is the most conservative.  And, you certainly are not. Where were you, Miss bimbo when Santorum needed a boost?

I like how Steve Cooper is smashing this dumbass-broad into the next stratosphere.  Coulter is leading this mess against Gingrich on the net, who is almost as moderate as Romney (not quite) He is trying to break away from the establishmentAnd-Paul, a Liberal-Tarian, Ann never says a word about his appeasing policies or his repeal of DADT… Santorum is the only family oriented candidate.  Why do we have to hear from this female hormone that needs 500 mgs of premarin, asap?

Remember this defamation from the HAG,  against all of you ‘birthers.’ Do you all remember her big mouth, making light of us little peon ‘birthers’? I certainly do. 

And, what have we here, ANN?  We have the state of GA with a hearing on whether President Obama should be removed from the November ballot in Georgia ended Thursday without a ruling — and also without Obama. (O didnt show up, and the Judge will enter DEFAULT JUDEMENT!)

Where is Ann Coulter? Is she out there apologizing to ‘birthers?’


Remember people…….

2 thoughts on “Ann Coulter: “Romney Is The Most Conservative Candidate” Really….!?

    I just got off the phone with Dean Haskins who was in the courtroom this morning assisting with the Art 2Pac live stream. Judge Malihi talked to the attorneys in chambers before the hearing this morning and told them that he was going to enter a DEFAULT JUDGMENT against Obama and recommend that Obama’s name not be on the Georgia ballot! Alll the attorneys expressed a desire to put an abbreviated streamlined case on the record and the judge agreed. How does the mainstream media spin this? The Georgia SOS has already indicated that he will follow the judge’s recommendation. Obama will not get any popular vote or electors from the great state of Georgia! Congratulations to all freedom-loving Americans!

  2. Its terrible how we have to stick up for all of these rat bastards when they come under fire.
    Ann C and the rest of these f’ers WANT Obama again.

    Limbaugh, Mike Reagan Blast Romney for Smears on Gingrich

    Ronald Reagan’s eldest son Mike Reagan has issued a statement lambasting Mitt Romney and his supporters for claims that Romney’s Republican presidential rival Newt Gingrich was a strong critic of President Reagan.

    Mike Reagan says such claims are false.

    Even Rush Limbaugh, shocked by the Romney claims, chimed on his Thursday radio broadcast to say, “This is obviously a coordinated attack to take Newt out here in Florida.”

    Rush slammed the Romney-backed smear campaign against Newt.

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