Donald Trump On Hannity: “Republicans Are Imploding” ~Exactly, TY To Ann Coulter..

Last night, Trump was on Hannity.  I like, no…LOVE  listening to Trump.  He flat out said that the “Republican Party is imploding”. Exactly.  Miss Ann Coulter, feminist, GOProud, moderate is ripping apart any candidate that is not Mitt Romney.  Yes, I rant on this witch, because she is leading the slaughterhouse to keep all of the republicans divided, thus, putting Obama right back in the White House.


Now….lets see who we can admire and respect… Trump:

OR, Miss Ann Coulter:

Here is an audio, I am waiting on Hannity/Trump youtube:

AUDIO: Trump on the economy

Dancing With The Stars

Why does Ann not ever bring up Fast and Furious and call for Eric Holders FIRING?!

Trumps Twitter last night:

Donald J. Trump
realDonaldTrumpDonald J. Trump

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9 thoughts on “Donald Trump On Hannity: “Republicans Are Imploding” ~Exactly, TY To Ann Coulter..

  1. Why are the Repubs warring against each other? The Nigger is having a good time watching them rip each other apart. Stupid.

  2. Because I think these Repubs WANT Obama in again, QV.
    I really do.

    Santorum is the ONLY one that showed any maturity in last nights fiasco.

  3. Rick told the Boys to Stop the infighting and focus on the issues. He was great! Paul had some great one liners for comedy.

    It will be over soon. I pray. Then, it will be Full Attack on Obama! 24/7 until Nov,

  4. So WHO is now running America down the tubes? Is the Nigger Obama a Jew? Well, another energy company endorsed by the Black Hand now goes bust. After the Nigger Narcississt Obama endorsed Solyndra.
    It isn’t positive news for America, its utterly useless but very evil potus, the manufacturing sector or the economy. Stocks in the company fell by 73 percent on Thursday.
    “Unfortunately, you can now add Ener1 to the growing list of failed companies that went belly up after hundreds of millions of dollars in administration backing,” Florida Republican Representative Cliff Stearns says of this week’s news. Congressman Stearns had previously called the Solyndra contract a “casualty of the Obama regime’s failed stimulus.”
    What does this tell everyone?

    Avoid the Nigger Obama lke a plague

  5. And how come the Nigger’s regime top parasites don’t pay taxes after all that Lies the Nigger Hypocrite who insisted on tougher taxes for the economic elite during Tuesday’s State of the Union — are guilty of forgetting to give the government their due share in taxes. Thirty-six members of the staff are delinquent with their federal taxes, Investor’s Business Daily reports. In all, the sum totals to a whopping $833,970.

    This is what the repulsive incogfilth should be talking about.

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