Wacko R. Paul SUPPORTER Fire-Bombs N.J. Synagogue!?

This does not surprise me one bit.    What a pity, because Paul is excellent on some domestic issues.  But, I am sorry….Ron Pauls followers are WACKOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

An unemployed teenager charged Tuesday with firebombing two synagogues is an anti-Semite whose hatred of Jews guided his actions, authorities said.

Anthony Graziano, of Lodi (Facebook profile showing influence by, and allegiance to, Ron Paul), was charged with the Jan. 11 attack on a Rutherford synagogue and the Jan. 3 firebombing of a synagogue in Paramus. He was being held on $5 million bail.


RON PAUL, 2012!!!
If Paul is the nominee, we will push for Paul, but we believe he is the worst disaster out of all of the candidates.  Still….

4 thoughts on “Wacko R. Paul SUPPORTER Fire-Bombs N.J. Synagogue!?

  1. I’m not saying I would vote for Ron Paul, but far too many atheists are spending their time on vitriolic opposition to what he has to say, rather than fighting for the good parts he does say, and hearing those they support saying the same.

    To not do this is applauding the National Defense Authorization Act, it’s applauding the slaughter of millions abroad. It’s saying I don’t give a shit how the debt based monetary system robs me, nor do I care 16 000 children die from starvation everyday. War and the monetary system along with climate are the greatest causes of starvation.

    To not listen at all to what the man has to say is to me totally irrational and not what I would expect from free thinking individuals. I’m not saying I would vote for Ron Paul, as I’ve already said, but to be unable to look past faith, whilst civil liberties are removed at an alarming rate, just doesn’t make sense.

    American atheists aren’t as insular and self centered as the average American, are they?

    I despise Tories and Republicans, to support anything they say goes totally against the grain and all that my ethos allows. This Ron Paul character is a republican and I’ve heard some very disturbing things he may or may not be standing for. The point for me, is the good shit he’s talking about, IS REALLY GOOD SHIT. It’s shit that would make a real difference.

    Why aren’t the people we traditionally support saying these things?Things, I know many of us want to be hearing?

    Instead an extreme right-wing republican is saying it. Has the world gone fucking mad?
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  2. Vote for who you want.
    I will vote for Paul if he is the one that will oust Obama.

    I do not agree-actually VEHEMENTLY disagree with his repeal of DADT.
    Its A Commie vote.
    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

    Thanks to this DUMBASS Ron Paul vote, we have ‘gay’ Marines kissing all over-they fight in Muslim lands where they HANG ‘gays’.
    BAD MISTAKE, Mr Paul.

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