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Here goes the rotten, traitorous, femi-nazi bitch again…With her big, fat, lyin-ass mouth.  Syrias problem is not our problem. It is SYRIAS problem.  They are engaging in a Civil war.  The Syrian Government is fighting off radical Jihadists, and the ugly, beastly, witch-Hillary Rotten Clinton is rebuking Russia and China for not helping in her Jihadist/Commie brigade. 

You know what? If they attack us in NYC and DC–this time, I wont shed a tear-with leaders like this, I am sorry, people, we deserve to be attacked.

Hillary Rotten Clinton to Russia: ‘Come over to the dark side, and side with us as we try to put the Muslim bro’hood in charge of Syria, too…’

I am sick of these vomitous gasbags, especially Hitlery.

Today, I was thrifting, and I LOL….There was an old picture from a newspaper, it said “IMPEACHED!”  It was the picture of Clinton and his lesbo wife…made me laugh.