CNN Has Fired All Israeli-Jewish Journalists-Thats The TYPICAL Left-Wing Bolshevik-Nazi Move

…With the AmeriKan ‘CIC’, who is a filthy, Marxist Muslim.

Why has this happened? Because the world hates Israel as it is prophesied all throughout the Bible in the end ages.  Israel is not hated because it is ‘good or bad.’  But, because the world hates God, with intense, supernatural, satanic passion.  Israel is GODS land. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-the ONLY God.   Fake Jews hates Israel, fake Christians hate Israel, pagans, heathens, and basically?? The scum of the earth hate God and HIS land.

The WORLD hates REAL Jews that love God, and REAL Christians that love God.  ANYONE that believes in the God of the Jews, [The ALPHA and the Omega] will face evil persecution such as this world has never seen.   Hate God to your own demise. Hate Israel to your own destruction. I care not.  Repent or go to hell.  Its your choice. 


(Just with Arabs alone)

EXCERPT: Thus, CNN decision to fire all Jewish journalists from its Jerusalem office is of particular concern, because the general public is unaware that they will be receiving biased information from CNN.

H/T, QV~Breaking news CNN Israel fired all Jewish journalists

9 thoughts on “CNN Has Fired All Israeli-Jewish Journalists-Thats The TYPICAL Left-Wing Bolshevik-Nazi Move

  1. The thing with this is, they only have ARABS now reporting what will be happening.
    Good thing I dont watch the Commie News Net.
    I dont hardly even do FAUX

  2. Donna, I am off to bed…these tumors make things near my stomach so tight, I fart up a storm 😀 LOL

  3. Well, it is a good thing I don’t watch them any how. I have always referred to them as the communist news network. I am surprised that their news people stay on their chairs – they lean so far to the left. Maybe duct tape? At any rate – I am with you. Standing with the apple of God’s eye, even to the cost of my very life. I am gratefully grafted into the root of David via Yeshua – so if anyone tries any funny business here, they will have to take me first.

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  5. Another reason for me to despise CNN. Such actions by CNN are unsettling and racists but should we be surprised knowing that CNN is a Progressive/Obama/White House propaganda machine? Their master, the Muslim in the White House must be pleased.

  6. Well… Des. You are nice.
    You know as well as I do that left wing Jews are INSANE.

    The rest of us are all in Obamas Commie slaughterhouse.

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