TREASON: John Boehner To Halt Investigation Of Fast & Furious~IMPEACH & DUMP BOEHNER, NOW!

Damned lying, cry-baby, rat bastard, Boneheaded Boehner is halting the investigation of Fast and Furious. He is aiding and abetting the murderers of Border Agent, Brian Terry. I am sick and F’n tired of these filthy, rotten treacherous GOP. SICK OF IT.



SEE: John Boehner To Halt Fast And Furious Investigation …

Boehner is using this assault on the Catholics, as is Obama.  Obama used this Catholic church scenerio to stop this investigation.  EXECUTION is not even good enough for these TRAITORS.

6 thoughts on “TREASON: John Boehner To Halt Investigation Of Fast & Furious~IMPEACH & DUMP BOEHNER, NOW!

  1. Dear MJ … I really wish you would stop beating around the bush and let us know exactly how you feel! HA HA HA! You crack me up – really do (in a good way, of course). 🙂
    You are correct – they all need to be booted out of office and “treason”, as this point, may even be mild compared to the criminals acts taking place in Washington, DC.


  2. America, today, is Terminally ill.

    Many of the 535 members of the US Congress are truly low-life American scumbags, yet the state citizens they represent keep electing them and sending them back to DC for more pelf, plundering and mayhem. They are whores and should not be trusted any more than a prostitute. Out in the private sector, most members of Congress would not be able to find a job or hold the job based on performance. John Boehner proved a traitor the day he backed down to Obama’s ultimatum the government would shut down., when all facts were it woud not.

    A greedy criminal mindset is what finances Washington DC.

    Americans need to wake up to this reality: DC is not about you, it is about them and odds are high that you are not one of ‘them’ America is DYING in every sense of the word. No hope.

  3. QV… I found that Obama used this whole church stuff to get Boehner to stop this investigation.

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