Unbelievable.. Whitney Houston Dead @ 48 Years Old

Unbelievable….Whitney Houston dead.  This woman could sing the hogs out of the hills, and she just spit away her life, what a WASTE OF TALENT!  How sad.  So sad.  I cant believe this. Drugs, bad marriage.. Sad.

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  1. Rest In Peace.

    I am in a snow storm Driving, they break in on a rock station over one hour a ago. OMG,!

    She just got done tapping “Sparkle” It will be her last work!

    Whitney Houston sings the National Anthem — Star Spangled Banner Superbowl!

  2. Not confirmed but reported.

    Singer Whitney Houston Dead at 48 of Drug Overdose

    Police have taped off sections around Whitney Houston’s Beverly Hilton hotel room in Hollywood as reports of her death begin to surface. LA Police have reported that attempts to revive the singer with CPR failed.

    She was pronounced dead at 3:55PM PST. A drug overdose is said to be the likely cause of the pop diva’s untimely death at the young age of 48. Her body was found in the her hotel room bathtub.

    Because her bodyguard and brother were the first on the scene it is speculated that any drugs or crack pipes in the hotel room were disposed of before police arrived.

    Houston’s publicist, Kristen Foster, said Saturday that the singer had died, but has not confirmed the cause to be drugs however sources close to the scene have reported drugs and alcohol have played a role in the singers death

    The news of Houston’s death has come on the eve of music’s biggest night — the Grammy Awards. Houston’s longtime mentor Clive Davis was to hold his annual concert and dinner Saturday; it was unclear if it was going to go forward.


  3. MJ, CNN is live on it,, Morgan with Simon and Lionel Richie. She was from my friend’s High School in Newark NJ. She didn’t make the singing chorals in High School b/c she was so overpowering. I believe it.

    What drugs make your vocal chords go MJ?

  4. Houston we have a problem… again! Whitney emerges from a nightclub looking extremely worse for wear (PHOTOS)

    Dressed all in black, the How Will I Know singer appeared angry and agitated as she left the venue and looked like she had partied a little hard.

    Wearing a short black dress the star emerged with her hair messed up and gestured aggressively to the waiting photographers.

    Whitney had what is believed to be blood dripping down her leg and scratches on her wrist and she had to be escorted from the club to her car by a few people.

    Her entourage guided her into the back of a large vehicle as the singer signed some autographs before being driven off.

    The Bodyguard actress started off the night well and was cheered when she performed a duet with Kelly Price.


  5. This has to shake up anyone who’s around the same
    age and whose “glory days”fell into that era (Me, mine)…

    It’s sad, very sad. And it makes you stop and think about
    things too: life, death, and the meaning of life…

    You know though, the grisly truth is everybody around
    me is getting sick and dying, particularly of every insidious
    variety of cancer and all kinds of weird stuff nobody even
    knows how you catch or how you cure…we’re now dropping
    like flies in our thirties, forties, and fifties, and I’m not too
    sure a whole lot of people are aware of that.

    Sometimes it hits me just how precious the gift of life really
    is. Just to BE… it’s immense. We really should be down on
    our knees every night thanking God fervently and profusely
    for what we’ve been given, the opportunity to BE, to be alive,
    to know life as living creatures, to exist as separate, in-
    dependent, self-contained, self-aware, living, breathing,
    thinking, dreaming entities… for the simple breath of life.
    We’re here, and we’re now, and we exist, and we’re alive —
    we ARE. It’s immense… the gift we were freely given, to be
    a part of all creation and to walk in God’s garden as his
    children… to enjoy its beauty and its pleasures, and to ex-
    perience its wonders and its fascinating mysteries and to
    laugh, and to love, and to… live. Just to live… its immense.
    So immense we can’t even wrap our own heads around it…

    You know, I may have a peculiar way of looking at the un-
    timely passing of someone like Whitney Houston, but my
    view is that, while it’s sad when anyone passes, to be sure,
    that person knew the best this life had to offer — the very
    best of everything. I won’t make a list, you can fill in the
    blanks yourself and you know I’m right. All the press is so
    negative, like her whole life could be painted in black and
    blue. But that’s not nearly true. That woman was blessed
    with the opportunity to experience first hand the very best
    this life has to offer. And I’m fairly well convinced it wasn’t
    nearly “as bad as all that”.

    Not all of us do. In fact, most of us never will, although we’ll
    all take the same beating, more or less. The general “10
    rounds with Mike Tyson” life tends to dish out to everyone,
    one way or another…

    Let’s face it, we all owe the Gods a death, nobody will make
    it out of here alive. So it all comes down to how much living
    you can pack into a span that’s all too short no matter how
    you slice it — in anybody’s book. You know she saw and did
    it all, experienced the very best of everything. The girl got
    paid. Not all of us do. I’d rather go 48 years on that plan
    and give up the ghost than 78 years with my fat ass parked
    on the couch in front of the soaps in an old run-down double-
    wide somewhere outside of East Podunk, waiting for my al-
    coholic 7/11 night manager husband to come home and slap
    me around for burning the baloney.

    Hey… you know what I mean? I mean, life beats everybody
    down ’til they just can’t make it to their feet one more time,
    and they’ve got no other choice but to roll over and give up
    the ghost. At least girl got paid. She did. Most of us just get
    the beating….. without the bling.

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