Obama: Catholics; Go To Hell, You Will Pay To Murder Babies And STOP Them From Being Born.

Some asshat asked me this AM why I hated Obama and loved Bush… Let me make myself clear; I HATED Bush, you got that, people?  Open-borders Bush is what I used to call him.  If you hate illegal-occupiers, Bush is the el numero reason why they are here.

…Onward to the Communist slaughterhouse for today;

Obama says that Catholics can just go to the devil.  He says: f*ck religious freedom, I DEMAND that you murder babies and stop bringing them into the world!  That is what this sonofabitch is saying.  And you all really believe that Obama was a “Constitutional Lawyer?”  ~Please… there are bridges in Brooklyn for sale.

We will continue to disrespect this evil pig.

Even on pain of death.

We will not EVER stop…Until, God willing, he is gone from our midst.

More here:

White House Says They Won’t Budge on HHS Birth Control Mandate: “Our Position Is Clear” (Video)




29 thoughts on “Obama: Catholics; Go To Hell, You Will Pay To Murder Babies And STOP Them From Being Born.

  1. Americans wanted a Sodom & Gomorrah. God gave them Satan’s man of perdition to fulfill their wanton demands.

  2. Murder in the womb. Murder in the fields. Murder everywhere. Satan America is the MURDERER.

    It is reported that 75% of US soldiers are dying of Depleted Uranium poisoning.
    The US must be sooooooooo proud!

    Blood is flowing in the ME because of Satan America.

  3. Let’s not forget: Catholics VOTED for Obama.
    Obama’s community organizing days in Chicago began in an organization FUNDED by the Catholic Church.

    Petition to Support Barack Obama
    President of the United States of America
    Inspired by the Tradition of Catholic Social Teaching


    The very precise, exacting LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT IS NOT TO BE MOCKED.

  4. LOTS of Catholics DIDNT vote Osama, QV.

    But, I hear you, lots did.
    I know, because the Jews voted this bastard and the Jew hate is huge, although it does not bother me all that much anymore.
    I have this putz here to cure me.

  5. Oh, while I’m at it, the Telegraph reports that there will be assassination attempt on Benedict. The Pope will die within the next 12 months, a senior Vatican figure has reportedly claimed amid fears of an assassination plot.

    The sensational prediction was allegedly made by Cardinal Paolo Romeo, the archbishop of Palermo in Sicily, on a recent visit to China.
    Cardinal Romeo reportedly made the startling prediction of the Pope’s death during a trip to China in November 2011.

    To herald in the Final Pope. And the AntiChrist!

    Remember: 2018! When ALL prophecies will be fulfilled.

  6. @Qv:
    I’m a Jew, and many times I believe Obama is the anti-Christ, but he is a stupid black. Not bright enough to be ‘the one’.

  7. Ezekiel 38
    Gog Invades Israel
    1The LORD said: 2Ezekiel, son of man, condemn Gog, that wicked ruler of the kingdoms of Meshech and Tubal in the land of Magog. Tell him: 3I, the LORD God, am your enemy, 4and I will make you powerless! I will put a hook in your jaw and drag away both you and your large army. You command cavalry troops that wear heavy armor and carry shields and swords. 5Your army includes soldiers from Persia, Ethiopia, [a] and Libya, 6as well as from Gomer and Beth-Togarmah in the north. Your army is enormous! 7So keep your troops prepared to fight, 8because in a few years, I will command you to invade Israel, a country that was ruined by war. It was deserted for a long time, but its people have returned from the foreign nations where they once lived. The Israelites now live in peace in the mountains of their own land. 9But you and your army will attack them like a fierce thunderstorm and surround them like a cloud. 10When that day comes, I know that you will have an evil plan 11to take advantage of Israel, that weak and peaceful country where people live safely inside towns that have no walls or gates or locks. 12You will rob the people in towns that were once a pile of rubble. These people lived as prisoners in foreign nations, but they have returned to Israel, the most important place in the world, and they own livestock and property. 13The people of Sheba and Dedan, along with merchants from villages in [b] southern Spain, [c] will be your allies. They will want some of the silver and gold, as well as the livestock and property that your army takes from Israel. 14I, the LORD God, know that when you see [d] my people Israel living in peace, 15you will lead your powerful cavalry from your kingdom in the north. 16You will attack my people like a storm-cloud that covers their land. I will let you invade my country Israel, so that every nation on earth will know that I, the LORD, am holy.

    Judgment on Gog
    17The LORD said to Gog: Long ago, I had my prophets warn the people of Israel that someday I would send an enemy to attack them. You, Gog, are that enemy, and that day is coming. 18When you invade Israel, I will become furious, 19and in my anger I will send a terrible earthquake to shake Israel. 20Every living thing on earth will tremble in fear of me–every fish and bird, every wild animal and reptile, and every human. Mountains will crumble, cliffs will fall, and cities will collapse. 21I, the LORD, will make the mountains of Israel turn against you. [e] Your troops will be so terrified that they will attack each other. 22I will strike you with diseases and punish you with death. You and your army will be pounded with rainstorms, hailstones, and burning sulfur. 23I will do these things to show the world that I, the LORD, am holy.

  8. Dear Bro. David, I agree with you. The Nigger Obama is a robotoid. His skull shows several surgical scars running round the scalp. He is too BLACK! And a die-hard cocaine addict. He’s blurry most of the time, anyways, according to Ulsterman.

  9. Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 35 before Ezekiel 38.

    It would be wonderful to see the Arab Confederacy annihilated, America weeping copiously their darlings are dead, before America and Britain are destroyed!

  10. Absolutely EVIL , Filthy Britain grooms 13 year olds for Illegal Underage Sex!!!!!

    As the age of sexual consent is 16, what are state employees doing fitting contraceptive implants in 13-year-old girls? Aren’t they colluding in a criminal act?

    These sinister devices are a clear admission by the Government. It actually expects these children to have unlawful sexual intercourse, and wants to make it easy for them.

    How strange, given that the one crime we all disapprove of utterly and completely is paedophilia.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2099857/PETER-HITCHENS-How-does-State-away-grooming-13-year-old-girls-illegal-underage-sex.html#ixzz1mIhfwJSY

  11. I agree murdering someone whose life is bio locally different from the mother is murder
    Also having a heart beat movement and brain waves at 5 1/2 weeks

  12. Then, John, your country is governed by MURDERERS! Murder in the womb, Murder in nation states that refuse the filthy, stinking, no value US$ (is it soft enough for the toilet to wipe ass?) create chaos and mayhem everywhere.
    And Americans are dumb, deaf and blind.
    Despite the fact 75% of their US servicemen/women are DYING of depleted uranium poisoning.

    What a Satan country!

  13. MJ, David, February 26 is APARTHEID WEEK IN THE “human rights” “democracy” bullshit America campus. The venomous, vitroilic hatred towards Jews and Israel will be laid bare once again!
    And Ameican apostates will exult!
    American atheists will have a field day!
    And American muslims will clamour for the wiping off Israel from the world’s map chorused by the US Presbyteranian church with the American United Methodist Church in rhyme.

  14. Yeah, the Ulsterman tells it like it is.
    Thank GOD someone out there is!!!
    Americans have become WUSS’s, HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE wuss and pussies.

  15. Every single day, we watch, across the oceans, and note that in the land of LIARS, HYPOCRITES, MASS MURDERING AMERICA, a silent horror Murders, willingly, by Americans, of Americans; more than the 3000+ slaughtered at 9/11.
    The silent horror is called Abortion – which America’s Evil Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger wrote in her filthy book:
    “Woman, Morality(?????????????) and Birth Control”
    Birth control must lead to a cleaner race.

    Is America today a nation of “cleaner race”?

    Planned Parenthood performs more than 300,000 abortions every single year.
    30 Planned Parenthood executives that make more than $200,000 a year. A few of them make more than $300,000 a year.

    Did you know that? You approve?

    Planned Parenthood received more than 487 million dollars from the federal government during 2010.

    According to Pastor Clenard Childress, approximately 52 percent of all African-American pregnancies now end in abortion.

    One very shocking study found that 86 percent of all abortions are done for the sake of convenience

    YET, utterly Evil, utterly Filthy American politicians have the fucking nerve to tell the world how America needs to spread its SATANIC values to the rest of the world. Keep your bloody, fucking, utterly Evil “values” for yourself, Satan America. You are a nation of Mass Murderers. We spit on a nation that Murders the innocents in the womb.

    You godless scum of Sodom & Gomorrah think God is dead? Well, the fact you are suffering “poverty” is one sign of punishment.
    Another is 2 million of you have died from Franken foods, from the womb of Monsanto. And now more of you will die from your darling monster rich elites. Dow AgroSciences (a subsidiary of Dow Chemicals), who was one of the original manufacturers of Agent Orange (AO), has developed a new generation of genetically modified (GM) crops — soybeans, corn and cotton — that are designed to resist a major ingredient in AO: the herbicide called 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D).

    Now, tell me, is America not controlled and ruled by Satan? Is America not Satan America? Prove me wrong, Americans. A nation of Murderers! Even as you eat your green peas and live in tent city!

  16. You mean thanks apostate christians of America and godless America, IncogEVILFILTH? Just like you slime?

  17. Shut your foul trap, Jewboy. Your stench is rank.

    In fact, Jew stench is fouling the entire country of America right now. Oh, scream about leftys and liberals all you want. But it’s stinking Jewry who brought on all this crap to America.

    The cleansing rain is coming, and the Jews will reap the whirlwind!

  18. There is a fight of good vs evil-didnt you have parents that taught you good vs evil, silly boy?

    Even Jesus, himself says, re ‘right vs left’:
    Matthew 25
    “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world.
    41“Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

    Since you have way more in common with the ‘left’ (Commies) than the ‘right’, (Patriots and Christians), it is evident where you could be headed.

  19. Wah, you do not dare address me? Thanks for calling me jewboy. It’s an honour to be identified with God’s Chosen People.

    It is the likes of you that Stench and Stink America leading it to irreversible destruction. Nah, you will be in chains and led into slavery when America joins the Arab League to war against Israel.

    You incogfilth have no shame! Why are you using the Jew’s invention to write your sick? You are what made America today — an apathetic, debauched, decaying, degenerate scum harbouring great envy and hatred against the Jews because you are a Failure ., then to hide your miserable stupidity conveniently blame the Jews.
    A disgusting, dying sheeple, given to satan for you are utterly evil as your writing shows.
    A Liar. A filthy leftist. Evil viper. It is your kind that has destroyed America, from within.

    You are too stupid to admit that it is the likes of you, arselicking the Sauds who are destroying America from within and without. The darling Nigger MUSLIM Psychopath your brain-dead, anti-semite, Idiot Americans elected is now doing their job of exterminating you zombies with drones . The FEMA camps are slaughterhouses. It is the Saudi Lobby that is funding the destruction of America –but the likes of you are too stupid to admit it for your head is bent arselicking the anus and can only see a dark hole, smothered between the Saud’s buttocks!

    The only difference between you and a Colostomy bag is Capacity!

  20. Obama has established the Truth Team. Why do they need to use the word truth? Doesn’t that make an individual question if they are telling the truth? George Orwell had his figure Winston work at the Ministry of Truth, which happens to be responsible for propaganda and historical revisionism. His career would have been to re-write past newspaper articles to suit the dominating party philosophy. Who might be spinning the historical past for President Obama?

  21. President Obama’s Campaign Releases First-Ever ‘Truth Team Tip Sheet’

    The “Truth Team,” rolled out earlier this week, is this year’s version of the President’s 2008 campaign “Fight the Smears” site, and folds in the already-existing AttackWatch site, along with companion sites that “Keep the GOP honest” and highlight the President’s record of “Keeping His Word.”

    When launched, AttackWatch created a media mini-firestorm, but didn’t really go anywhere. I signed up by “reporting” conservative attacks on the AttackWatch site, but never got any response, or any email of any kind, from AttackWatch. Apparently, though, that interaction grandfathered me into a subscription to the “Truth Team Tip Sheet.”


  22. so. Jesse and Al have said so. Democratic morons have said so. Hell, enosmoe here in my workplace says so. I’m racist because I have a copy of Glen Beck’s “Common Sense” on my desk. It must be true. After all, a person that works with me says he feels that is a form of hate speech for me to have that book anywhere in his presence. He actually goes on to say that books like that should be taken out of circulation and burned so as not to spread the hate. No kidding, this really happened! Of course, those of you out there who know me at all can imagine my “Blow it out your you know what!” reaction to this.So, I got to thinking. The Main Stream Media, Obama and his “Goebbels faction” (that’s propagandists for those of you who will want to slam me for the comparison), the NAACP and the other usual suspects claim I,Tea Partiers and basically decent Americans are RACIST. As such, I thought I’d put forward my beliefs for all to see. You know. The really racist hate stuff I and others spew every day.So, where to begin? How’s this for a start? The only thing I owe anyone in this country is the equal right to succeed. I owe them respect as an equal in my eyes. I owe them the right to speak their minds whether I like it or not. I do not have the right to censure them. I do not have the right to force anyone to think as I do. While I feel all Americans should help those who cannot help themselves. I do not owe a damn thing to the millions of people who refuse to get off their fat asses and help themselves! And I sure as hell don’t owe anybody anything for past sins or actions. OOPS! Racist thoughts according to the current fad!I am opposed to the Socialist takeover of our government by the Bozo in the White House. I stand for the ideals put forward by our founding fathers! I am against the takeover of corporations by the government. I am against the government bankrupting my children and grandchildren. I am against quotas. I am for people earning their way on merit and effort! I am against the vision of this president to transform this country into what I feel is a Socialist third world country. I oppose the very essence of what this administration and it’s lackeys in Congress stand for. OOPS! Racist! According to “those in the know”, if I stand opposed to the President’s policies, it’s because he’s black. Heaven forbid that maybe I feel his policies are tantamount to garbage rather than his skin color. Must be true though. After all, Jesse and Al say so as do our friends in the MSM.I am for Capitalism in it’s truest sense. I am against the confiscation of hard earned wealth. I do not believe in any way shape or form I owe anyone my earnings just so they can be equal. I’m not rich, but I have worked and slaved to reach the top of my chosen field. As such, I don’t need to be told I owe those who want a hand out anything. Again, I owe them the right to try to succeed and if on merit and effort they can beat me out of a job or whatever, so be it. Then it lays on my shoulders for lack of effort. OOPS! Racist! Listening to the crybabies out there, there are too many roadblocks in their way. Let me tell you right now. The main roadblock out there for anyone right now is the asinine assumption that they are owed! Guess what folks! Life isn’t like that. Get off your asses and earn it! OOPS Racist!And last but not least, illegal immigration. What is it that people cannot understand here? Arizona wants to in effect enforce federal law that the Federal Government refuse to enforce. OOPS! Racist! We want the borders enforced. We do not want amnesty for “ILLEGALS”! They broke the law. While we are a country of immigrants, the Government refuses to even use the word illegal. Why? OOPS! Can’t ask that! Racist! We won’t use the words Muslim Terrorists. Why? OOPS! Can’t ask that! Racist! The President and those in Congress who are all hell bent to get these people on the fast track to Citizenship all claim Racism if anyone questions their blatant political motives and as such in my view are subverting the law. OOPS! Racist thought there!The fact that in this day and age the left has to openly play the race card is easily one of the most Anti-American things I have ever seen, right down to the Justice Department (as an example) and their inane idea of dropping the suit against the New Black Panther Party! If the testimony is true and prosecutors have been told to not to go forward in cases of Black against White, then in the end, we definitely know who the real racists are! It’s not me. It’s not the millions of people in the Tea Party movement! It is the very people doing the accusing! Jesse, Al, the NAACP, Obama and all others who not only fling it out there but also refuse to refute obvious lies and distortions! They are indeed the true racists in this country! In turn, that makes them our country’s worst enemies! They are destroying the very fabric of our society from within. The Racism claim is just another means to a way for achieving what they really want, the descent of America into third world Socialist status. Following, but never leading.As I said above in comment #33: I cannot even remotely express my contempt for people who are so blind to the threat facing our country. This President and his followers are a threat to this country! Yet all they have to say in their defense is to accuse us of Racism or worse!Reply

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