All Of the GOP “Conservatives”: Drudge, Coulter, Savage, Paul ETC Are Going To Put Obama In Again

Right now, Santorum is on the surge. And what do we see? 10 days ago, Ann the MAN Coulter was dumping on Gingrich.  Gingrich is running for Prez just as the others are.  She attacked Gingrich in favor of Romney.  Is she stupid? Yes.  Now, its Trump, attacking Santorum. He endorsed Romney.  Fine, whatever.  WHY attack another person that is in the race?  Ron Paul is attacking Santorum, saying that “Santorum has an atrocious voting record“.  This is coming from R. Paul, who voted to repeal DADT so that ‘gays’ could serve openly. Pot. Kettle. Black.  Michael Savage has been calling Santorum; “Sanctimonious Santorum”.  Has HE gone insane?  Drudges website is filled with attacks on Santorum.

(Even when I, personally have attacked Paul’s campaign- I didnt attack RON PAUL-I attacked his NUTTY followers.)

Has everyone lost their collective head?  All of these idiots aforementioned are going to give us Obama again.  This White House insider, (below)  is reaching out to try to bring you Republicans around, and you are not listening.  YOU are giving us Obama, again.

5 thoughts on “All Of the GOP “Conservatives”: Drudge, Coulter, Savage, Paul ETC Are Going To Put Obama In Again

  1. I listen to W.F.L.A. in tampa a lot,until three P.M. then wqhen Todd Shitt show comes on, I change the station. This is another loonbat asshole who helped people like Carl Rove defeat a conservative in Delaware,and put in a communist,and the same in Nevada. These are the enemy.

  2. I’m sure you’ve noticed that the GOP establishment would rather have Obama than a real conservative (read that as either Gingrich or Santorum). Why? The gravy train must go on or they would have to find honest work.

  3. Great article. Anybody But Obama 2012! We must get behind,ANYONE but Hussein Obama 2012.

  4. “It comes from an elite culture, dictated, again, from academia, dictated, again, from the Hollywood culture and the news media, that says, ‘The only thing that’s affirming, the only thing that really counts is what you do at work.” – Rick Santorum

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