Obama and his minions hacked my twitter account

CLICK: Obama and his minions hacked my twitter account.

My 2 cents:

This is happening to all of us. Obamas minions, your time is on the horizon. Enjoy this shit while you can, pretty soon, your days are numbered.

11 thoughts on “Obama and his minions hacked my twitter account

  1. My computer was down for two days last week. I could not get in no matter what I tried.I turned it off for a day, and then it started working again.
    Maybe its because I send so many funny e-mails to the white house sites,like my blogs.
    maybe they do not like me calling him the musloid piece of human feces.

  2. MJ, Is this why Gumpy got a Funky DM from you 2 day.

    So they want to play games. LOL

    You just worry about your operation. I will handle this on my own end tomorrow night!

    I will give everyone a heads up on what to do.

    POS, Ass holes!!

    This is War now!

  3. Twitter is owned by the CIA.
    On January 10, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) staff attorney Jennifer Lynch headlined, “Are Drones Watching You?”

    Drones carry surveillance equipment, including video cameras, infrared ones, heat sensors, and radar for sophisticated virtually constant spying. Newer versions carry super high resolution “gigapixel” cameras. They enable tracking above 20,000 feet. They can monitor up to 65 enemies simultaneously, and can see targets up to 25 miles away.
    Predator drones can eavesdrop on electronic transmissions. A new model’s able to penetrate Wi-Fi networks and intercept text messages and cell phone calls covertly.
    Even domestically, drones may be weaponized with tasers, bean bag guns, and other devices able to harm or perhaps kill.

    Don’t you think America needs, urgently, a R2P?

  4. I am thinking of just closing my Twitter.
    So many people blamed ME, and I got messages out the wazoo, as well.
    May be time to totally close ranks.

  5. I was a teacher for about 25 years in Texas. When I moved there, it was a fitsatnac system of education; the kids were polite; there was swatting in the schools, almost all of the kids did their homework, and there were a variety of programs for the kids to participate in. It was a great place to be a jock, a beauty queen, a nerd or a building trades kid there were suitable programs for all of the kids, and I expected a lot and got a lot out of my average kids and my advanced kids. I did reasonably well with the low-level kids. I was happy as a teacher and most of the kids were happy as students. Then, the legislature, under a variety of governors, decided to fix the school system in Texas. They managed to help the schools to go from being great to being sucky in about 10 years. Bush had his hand in this and then Perry managed to be involved as well. I can’t put all of the blame on them; indulgent parents, drugs, drug-taking kids, and federal influence helped. When Perry was governor, it would have been great to show some leadership and move us toward more private schools and more specialized schools; instead, they moved the schools toward making every kid into a potential college student (which does not work). Again, I focus on this, because it is a subject I am very familiar with; and Perry and Bush did not help the situation.Reply

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