Thous Of U.S. Troops March On D.C. In Support Of R. Paul

Well, you all know how I feel; Anybody but Obama, 2012.  I dont like more than a few of Pauls followers, but I have met some super nice ones, as well.  Many have chased me away with their super demonic Jew-hatred.. AND: I don’t agree, at all with Pauls repeal of DADT, and his record of do nothing about illegals makes me sick.  I am value oriented.  I also believe R. Paul is wrong that ‘conservative, social issues, not issue’.  Our whole life and country hinges on regaining values, morals and ethics.

BUT, you all know what we feel here: AGAIN~ Anybody BUT Obama, 2012. I will stand with any of these phonies to unseat the Muslim occupying the White House. Even though I really am not fond of any of them, and consider none of them to be Conservative the way a Conservative should be, that’s m.o..

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8 thoughts on “Thous Of U.S. Troops March On D.C. In Support Of R. Paul

  1. Noah, I live in America, and we have the right of free speech.
    And there is NO WAY IN HELL I would *EVER* vote for Obama.

    Looks like you dont really read anything else here, why bother to come around.

  2. Obama is getting ready to march all over Israel, courtesy of Samantha Powers-it is YOU that needs to wake the fuck up.

  3. @NoahDavidSimon:

    My wife is sick, and this is the best a fellow Jew can write?
    You don’t even say daven for my wife and you will vote in Obama again?
    Even the incogman said prayer for my wife–a rabid Jew hater, but a fellow Jew–no?

    Why come here if you hate my wife if she is pushing for anybody but Obama??

  4. One more thing: I don’t want you coming here, and upsetting my wife with this vile crap.
    Nobody on the blogosphere is a better defender of right minded causes.

  5. Nevermind.
    He puts Osama in; he will be part of the satanist crowd that is seeking to destroy America and Israel.
    IF Obama gets in again, his claws WILL come out. He WILL be the dictator, period.
    As bad as Ru Paul is; he aint got shit on the Commie Muslim.

    “Obama adviser calls for the invasion of Israel”

  6. “Obama adviser calls for the invasion of Israel”


    Please do, and make it pronto! then we’ll see the destruction of America. Israel is Protected. America is NOT.

  7. The nasty part about Noah, is that I have always been nice to him.
    He came here about 2 mos ago and called me a racist for not liking Obama
    OK. Yeah, and?
    Lets see:
    Obama has QUADRUPLED the debt.
    Obama has INVADED Libya and destroyed it w/out ANY congressional approval–demanded Gaddafis ouster (What did Libya do to America?) NOTHING.
    Obama DEMANDED Mubaraks ouster, and destroyed a 30 plus year peace btwn Egypt and Israel and put the Muslim Jihadist bro’hood in charge, who are now calling for Israels total demise.
    Obama, now is DEMANDING Syrias Assad to step down, and what will THAT accomplish? More Israel hatred, etc. Told Israel to go back to ’67 borders.
    This makes me a racist—Lol 😀

    And this cat will vote for Obama if the isolationist, R Paul wins the primaries?
    Now…YOU tell me who is fucking insane.
    I dont like R Paul, you know that, but the reason I dont like him is because he repealed DADT and helped my country become MORE depraved.

    What would R Paul do to Israel? Nothing. Same as Reagan.
    Reagan butt’d out of Israels business. Which is what R Paul would do.

    I happen to agree with Santorum on most issues, except spending–but spending did not make America into a murderer and Sodom and Gomorah.

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