Does Anyone Remember The “SOY BOMB?”

Do ya all remember the “Soy Bomb?”  It was at the Grammy show in 1998. I was watching it with my Nana-  Dylan was attempting to sing (he can’t sing, he whines like a sick cow), my Nana said; “This cat sings lousy”, I said, “Yeah, he really sounds like shit.”  Then, out of nowhere comes the “Soy Bomb” doing this insane, weirdo-looking dance.  My Nana asked me if it was part of the act. I said  “I dont know, but this Soy dude is stealing the show, because the show SUCKS!”   We were laughing our asses off…

What a riot.. I hope something like this happens at the Hollyweird Oscar show tonight.  The people up for Oscars are the worlds nastiest, narcissistic, left-wing pieces of drek.  Well, we can hope something funny happens….

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