Drudge, O’Reilly & Co. Are Going To Be GUILTY of Putting Obama In AGAIN

This AM I wake up to Drudge’s headline of how Santorum is ‘Seeking the dem vote‘. Yeah? And? David Horowitz was a Democrat. Reagan was a Democrat. Whats your point, you over-bloviated windbag?  I have never seen a party so dumb in my whole entire life.  They are putting Obama in again, people.  YOU WILL HAVE OBAMA ANOTHER 4 YEARS.

O’Reilly was dumping on Santorum last night with Brit Hume. You want to know why O’Reilly is dumping on Santorum? Because his own faith is shaky. And thats a fact.  O’Reilly thinks Santorum is ‘out of touch‘….He even said “You know, Santorum is out of touch and against ‘gay’ marriage’.  Wow…so is GOD.  That’s why I am not gung-ho for Ron Paul as I was in 2008 (His vote to repeal DADT, still he is better than Obama)  The only reason that God has not utterly destroyed America is because the ‘gay’s did not sanctify their perversion through marriage. Well, now they do. And O’Reilly thinks thats OK. WINDBAG!!

Michael Savage last night said: “All of the candidates are moving to far to the right’. Pulease. Please.  Savage is the one that has been the mover and the shaker of helping this nation move back to the right and this is what he says? There is an OFF button on the radio to turn you off.

All of these Yo-yos attack Santorum, Newt, & Paul, but not Romney.  All they do is write books and make money while laughing their ass off at Americans. Drudge is a friggin liberal. Probably a stool pusher himself, since he hates Santorums views.


What do they NOT get about ABOANYBODY BUT OBAMA, 2012.

Stop attacking these candidates you JERK OFFS.

5 thoughts on “Drudge, O’Reilly & Co. Are Going To Be GUILTY of Putting Obama In AGAIN

  1. Although I couldn’t have expressed it as colorfully as you, I very much agree with what you’re saying. I think your observation on Mr. O’reilly is very astute. These establishment Republicans want Mitt, thus the attacks on Santorum and Newt. I maintain that if you want to talk about baggage, look at Mitt Romney’s. Republicans win when they run as unabashed conservatives with a prominent message of hope and prosperity grounded in limited government, God and … yes, I’ll say it, apple pie. Give me Gingrich or Santorum.

  2. MJ, I do not read Drudge, did not see BOR and it did not influence me to write the prior post.

    WTH are Democrats voting in a Reb Election? That is just wrong.
    I know there is corruption at the Caucus level as Hussein stole Clinton’s signatures in many state prior to the Primarys.Yes, he stole the nomination before he was Elected POTUS.

    Obama also paid the Pastors in the Black Congregation to sway voters.
    I believe the entire Primary election needs to be overhauled. No more Caucuses, Maybe a three tier election processes. All States will vote within the three dates thus eliminating this dragged out dumbed down cycle( that only get the networks rich due to commercials being bought air time)

    No more endless debates. I know we are in a 24/7 new cycle and it is bringing on a different level. I wonder what Regan’s election would have looked like today?

    I want this over with, No more mud slinging,
    I Want it against Obama, now. Let him try and debate his failures especially energy with Americans now. I know a mandate now to drill is not going to place gas in tanks but it will calm the speculators who are in control of raping the Middle class at the present.

    The GOP is stupid not to draw attention to the Gas Prices/energy rising.

    Obama is going to win the black vote again. He is still their Messiah. It is the white vote which he received last election that is up for grabs.

    I will get behind anyone the GOP places against him.

    AnyBody but Obama 2012.

  3. @donna I will get behind anyone the GOP places against him.

    AnyBody but Obama 2012′

    Thats the whole point!
    They just attack and attack their OWN, filthy!

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