The Artist….The CON Artist-Parody To Our Dear Leader

‘President Obama came to Washington with adoring fans and rave reviews, but he’s since turned into the biggest box office flop of all time. He promised to cut the deficit in half and bring jobs back to America. He conned us. America can’t afford a sequel.’

NY Dem Rep. Kathy Hochul “We’re Not Looking To The Constitution When It Comes To Obama-Care Mandates”

OBAMA IS A COMMUNIST AND SO IS EVERY DEMOCRAT. PERIOD!!!! You filthy women that are for this mandate-do the world a favor; STOP reproducing… And if you do want to go out, and act like a slut and screw every Tom, Dick and Harpo, get your own contraceptives you filth.

From Maggie’s Notebook


Does Anyone Remember The “SOY BOMB?”

Do ya all remember the “Soy Bomb?”  It was at the Grammy show in 1998. I was watching it with my Nana-  Dylan was attempting to sing (he can’t sing, he whines like a sick cow), my Nana said; “This cat sings lousy”, I said, “Yeah, he really sounds like shit.”  Then, out of nowhere comes the “Soy Bomb” doing this insane, weirdo-looking dance.  My Nana asked me if it was part of the act. I said  “I dont know, but this Soy dude is stealing the show, because the show SUCKS!”   We were laughing our asses off…

What a riot.. I hope something like this happens at the Hollyweird Oscar show tonight.  The people up for Oscars are the worlds nastiest, narcissistic, left-wing pieces of drek.  Well, we can hope something funny happens….

Hillary BUSH Clinton Is Lying; Saying WMD In Syria. LIES. WMD Was Sent To Canada In June 2008

Hillary is trying to push propaganda for a war in Syria.  The Syrian government is in the middle of their own Arab Spring. (They are trying to stop radical Jihadists from taking over their country.)  America has  been advised by Russia and China to BUT OUT.  What does this female hormone not get??

The beast, whore of Babylon, Hillary Bush Clinton is lying out of her ass.  Trying to use Bush tactic of saying Syria has WMD. This is a lie.  Here is the evidence:

Read it here and tell Hillary to shut the hole in her UGLY face:  U.S. removes uranium enriched yellowcake from Iraq, June 2008

Hillary should just go back to carpet munching with Huma Abadeen

If These GOP Candidates Want America’s Attn: Call Obama A COMMUNIST, Because He IS.

Obama is a Communist, we all know this.  This is what Americans want to hear, day in and day out:


…. Not “Obama-care” Call it COMMIE-Care.  Americans need to be reminded of the Rosenburgs, and what happened to them in a normal America.. They were executed for treason.  Obama is a treasonous snake: He GAVE AWAY 7 islands in Alaska to Russia, this is outright treason, and in a sane world, he would be executed.  Its just the damned truth.  Don’t be afraid if they call you a “McCarthy-ite”, because McCarthy was right.  The candidates should absolutely pay *zero* attention to the Bolsehvik/left wing media. None.  Let the attacks roll over because the left lies. Day in and day out, the left wing lies.






PICTURE: Breaking New Obamas “Pledge Of Allegiance” To The Flag. Contemptuous Looks!!

The Obamas Pledge:

“I pledge allegiance against the flag and plan to destroy America.

And to the republic, which I spit on everyday..

One nation, submitted to Communism or Islam (take your pick), Emasculating Liberty and robbing justice from the god-damned white Americans, ALL.”

This Flag Makes Me Sick.

Look at the face on this evil witch..

And remember, American dummies that voted for these creeps: You have paid for this African princess to go on 16 vacations. She should be on the ground, kissing the American flag.

See the picture w/out the graphic:

How Would You Describe These Expressions?

For My Buddy, Donna

I made this collage for my buddy, Donna, our blogress diva and news-lover.  She is GREAT at breaking stories that the MSM STEALS from us.  I have 11 days til they tear my guts open, folks.. So prayers/daven for me, ok?  Donna is a professional-dancer (classical, jazz, ballet).  An avid body-builder and a fabulous lady with strong faith in God. She will be here when I am gone.  So, BE NICE.  Luv U Donna!

QV will be here…I know how ya all LOVE him!! 😀 He’s a truth-teller!!

Anyway, God Bless Donna.

The Burlesque Ballerina
(This song was about Nicole Richie, BTW)
These are Donnas favorite dolls:

FILTH: Obama Gives Tax-Payer Dollars For ‘Catholic Corpus Crucifix’ Immersed In Human Urine. Yet APOLOGIZES For Qu’ran Burning

Obama is a filthy, rotten, no good, sonofabitch. He is a MUSLIM. What the hell don’t people GET about that? Barack HUSSEIN Obama=Muslim.

I am not a Catholic, and I know very little about Catholicism, but my best friend, Mary, (who died in 2006) used to tell me all about the New Testament when we were kids, she was a charismatic -Catholic.  If it were not for my friend Mary, I would probably just be atheist.  I would not have turned to the Torah/Tanakh and I would have never heard the good news/Gospel, thus, my life would have been empty.  My family was just not religious. I, personally am not into any form of organized religion.

BUT: You all read this.. . This is a TYRANT that is leading the show. The Catholic church is only the first they have targeted, your church will be next.

Bolshevik-Soviet Plant, Obama Surrendered USA (Alaskan Islands) To Russia; Thus Fulfilling Communist Goals

This was not heard on the MSM.  Was it?  Nope… America is filled with Dumbass.  An unknown, prophetic person predicted some of this. His name is Mr. Cliff: SEE~2012 Presidential Election

From Joe Miller, writing for

“Obama’s State Department is giving away seven strategic, resource-laden Alaskan islands to the Russians. Yes, to the Putin regime in the Kremlin.”


Obama Surrendering USA to Russia: Gives Seven Alaska Islands To Russia