To My Friends On The Blogoshpere: THANK YOU For Your Prayers During My Recent Surgery

I wanted to thank you all very much for your sincere, heart-felt prayers during my surgery.  I love you all very much–as much as one can love a person in life.  Your support was amazing.  It was a massive surgery.  We originally thought it was a hsyterectomy, but it turned out to be far worse. 

…IF anyone loves the Obama-care bs, you had better think again.  5 years ago, I only had COBRA insurance. Which meant I had a Doc that they picked out of a hat (he saved my life, I had an appendectomy mass) but, he left behind poison in my body which was eating my bladder and intestines away. I have actually been very unwell for 5 years. Weak, no energy. I could not figure out why. 

  The hospital I went to in Calif 5 yrs ago is like a 3rd world hospital.  The one I was at this last time; everyone was American and SPOKE ENGLISH.  They took care of me as if I was one of their own family. They truly had the calling of a nurse/Doctor on their life.  I was in ICU most of the time.  The other hospital, in Calif., most of the people spoke Phillipino or Spanish-I can speak semi-good Spanish, but not while sick.    So, that is what Obama-Care will bring you: A bunch of foreigners who dont give a RATS ASS if you are American, you all got that?? So, stop the Commie-care.


GOD richly bless you, as he has blessed me and SAVED me once again, with the hands of EXCELLENT medical AMERICAN professionals.



Mob Of Bad Blacks Attack, & Strip Naked ONE White Young Man, Wheres The Outrage?

There is no outrage. Because he is white and nobody cares about whites because we are now the scum of the earth. We are nothing.  This is your AmeriKa, now.  Just like S. Africa. We should all move to Palau, OR, fight back hard and get on our knees in prayer.  The bad blacks have their henchmen, Holder and Obama, 2 of the biggest racists in the planet.  Just keep having your media-hyped upset over Trayvon Martin. The race-bating situation Obama created.

Crime Stories


All Of OBAMAS Jew Hating Buddies To Storm Israel’s Borders, Bolshevik Jews Included

All Of OBAMAS Jew Hating Buddies To Storm Israel’s Borders, Bolshevik Jews Included. These are all of Obamas buddies inc in the link. The sweet, pathological jackass, Jeremiah Wright and his white-hating, Jew-hating buddies.  What an EVIL country this has turned into. Cursing GODS land, allowing bad black people to murder elderly and foreigners.  You know what? Excuse me…but, Gd dammit AmeriKa.  Do you have your head up your collective ass, messing with GOD?? 

Jew or non Jew, you had better listen.

2 White Students From UK Murdered In Cold Blood By Black Man In Florida-Where Is The Outrage?

2 White Students From UK Murdered In Cold Blood  By Black Man In Florida-Where Is The Outrage?  (H/T, Muse1876 & Q.V.)  ~Of course there is no outrage because nobody gives a damn about #1. white people and #2. Trayvon Martin is the only one that matters because he is a ‘son-of Obama‘. “Liberals” are full of crap.  This couple just visited here and were murdered for nothing.  NO outcry at all.  Nobody cares.  O’MeriKa is the place that you can visit, be white and be murdered in cold blood.



Black Florida Teen Killes Two White UK Students

Black Florida Teen Kills Two White UK Students – Obama Silent.

S.C: 6+ Black Thugs Yell Racial Slurs At A Random White Man, Then Viciously Beat Him.


S.C: 6+ black thugs yelled racial slurs at a random white man, then viciously beat him. Keep sleeping AmeriKa, pretend this is not happening. Pretend that whites are not getting beat up, or if you don’t want to pretend, then keep up the farce that ALL white people deserve this for oppressing black people and Indians over 130 years ago. Pretend its not happening: Hannity, O’Reilly, Monica Crowley. Pretend that The Mad Jewess and Co. are just a bunch of racists.  Meanwhile, you ARE accessories to genocide.  How in the f-k do you sleep at night?!

Yesterday, someone came here to this website and said “We are all human“…We are not denying that all people are human.  But would this same person deny the blacks of the south their justice against the KKK random beatings and their marches on D.C. for equal rights? NO. Then why should they expect white people to sit back and take this shit? We have no rights. We have no ACLU, SPLC, ACLU, etc.  We have ourselves. We will keep reporting this until it stops and these crimes are recognized as racial murders, rapes, robbings…….And it STOPS.

We already know…………

{BTW: If you do not like where we have to get our reporting links, MSM and the rest of you COWARDS, then start reporting it, yourself.}

NAZI, White-Hating Murderer, Desmund Tutu, ‘Speaks Out’ For Trayvon Martin

This is what happens in HIS country to white people on a daily basis:

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Obama Election Team Preparing For “Healthcare Warfare” Campaign

Sick bastard.