PICTURES: Obama With Medvedev~Obama Looks Like His Potential Daddy, Malcolm X

Just look.


Even sounds like our Islamo “Prez”.

9 thoughts on “PICTURES: Obama With Medvedev~Obama Looks Like His Potential Daddy, Malcolm X

  1. Oooooheeeeehahahaha. America has a NIGGER BASTARD for a potus.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! The Continent of Idiots.

  2. Barack Hussein Obama Jr Malcolm X Barack Hussein Obama Sr. Barack Hussein Obama Sr., Tom Mboya, and Philip Ochieng, all share common physical features of the Kenyan Luo tribe: Modest stature under six feet, round faces, small chins, wide set eyes, slanted back foreheads, and retracted hairlines…none of these features are shared by Malcolm X and Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

  3. Asian media focussed on Obama, unaware of the live microphone, when he stood side by side with Pres. Dmitry Medvedev after their meeting, thinking he was speaking privately, and asked Medvedev for Russia to postpone action on missile defense until after the U.S. Presidential election. The exchange was caught by ABC video, a Russian reporter tape and other recorders. The incident soon occasioned an official White House demurral—followed by an admission and attempted explanation—and a load of pointless criticism from the Republican clown show.

    Analysts pointed out the actual meaning shown in the gaffe. Obama was told by the people who run him to get the missile defense issue off the table for the time being, and Obama does what his masters tell him. The British tried, through Obama and others, to bully the Russians into submission to their push for a rapid-fire succession of wars, following the Gaddafi murder, and Russia stood its ground. The message that resonated with Obama’s masters was that bullying Russia does not work, particularly when they are getting backing from both China and India. The current Russian leadershipis much tougher than the Soviet-era bureaucrats, especially those who came after Krushchev’s dealings with the British. Obama was in a weakened position and his handlers told him to be calm and not get the Russians upset, while the British figure out how to handle the situation. For the British oligarchy, the objective is to end the nation-state system altogether—either by “peaceful” means or by war. The opposition coming from the U.S. military leadership, as well as from Russia, China and India, has thrown their timetable off by months, and, so far, blocked them from getting the follow-on wars going.

    The Asian Dragons will win. The West’s corrupt, evil Elites are cornered. Especially the fitlhy Brits and their evil “queen”, the bane and curse of the world.

  4. Yes–it is very possible that Malcolm X passed on his demon seed to Stanley Ann who conceived a Rosemary’s baby. Now the most powerful person in the world controls nations. He will not leave power peaceably. Apocalypse?

  5. The Nigger controls America. He does not and cannot control the Far East or Russia.
    We are ready for War.

  6. MJ, I have just viewed the greatest hour in reporting, Hannity tonight. He did not Dance around any issues. He went for Obama’s jugular.

    I made me feel so good. I am ready for the fight.

    He took Martin’s lawyer and swiped the airwaves with him. At the beginning of his broadcast.

    I needed to view this. Excellent Journalism.


  7. QV–Russia will be destroyed in the coming Ezekiel war. China will be around to participate in the battle of Armageddon. America will most likely become part of the Revived Roman Empire ruled by the Antichrist and False prophet. America has to fall to usher in the New World Order. The Revived Roman Empire will inherit Americas war machine and nuclear arsenal. The Ezekiel war , the collapse of America and the Revived Roman Empire could happen this year. It will come on the world like a fast moving train.

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