Catholic (TFP) Students Attacked, Spit On, Cursed At By “Tolerant” Homosexuals

Catholic (TFP) Students Attacked, Spit On, Cursed At By “Tolerant” Homosexuals….TFP Student Action: Attacked by “Tolerance”   If you love God and love your faith in God, his mandates, laws, grace, forgiveness, redemption, mercy…you must watch this.  What happened to these Catholics (linked above) is absolutely deplorable.   Blasphemous, complete. Sad beyond belief.  What’s right is wrong, what’s wrong is right. Evil is good, good is evil.  We have a sick, depraved society of monsters called ‘liberals.’  The American Cancer.

We are ALL Catholics now.

70+ Mob Of Obama’s “Sons” Ruin Detroit Carnival: Fighting, Shooting~Like The OK Corral!

70+ Mob Of Obama’s “Sons” Ruin Detriot Carnival: Fighting, Shooting like the OK Corral…..!   Amazing… These IDIOTS in charge of Detriot don’t want the Carnival to come back…they will keep their sons-of-Obama just the way they are, thank you very much..

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Obama Is A Wuss!!! WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: ‘Panetta Issued Orders To Kill Bin Laden’

Obama Is A Wuss!!! WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: ‘Panetta Issued Orders To Kill Bin Laden’

New Secret Service Scandal Surfaces Out Of Moscow

New Secret Service Scandal Surfaces Out Of Moscow

Imagine…we cant get any news, so Russia Today has to bring it to us… You know what…I hope they are not protecting this lousy bastard, Obama.  Sorry, thats just the way I feel.

Illegal Occupier Raped 14 Year Old Girl~GET OUT ILLEGALS

Sick.  These are the FILTH that the ‘liberals’ (R & D) want to keep in our country, give them amnesty, hand over our tax dollars and wipe their asses.  If there is one thing I hate more than black-on-white crime, is these illegals running wild in this country.  GO HOME.  I cant stand this crap.  This poor young girl. 14 friggin years old!  These ILLEGALS need to be wacked as they cross the border. Marco Rubio wants to give ILLEGALS citizenship. 

And the GOP wants to make that IDIOT their V.P… GOP+DEM=More of the same.

Van Jones? Black Terrorist Flash Mob Loot Store & Attack White Couple In Portland

CLICK Van Jones?  Black Terrorist Flash Mob  Loot Store & Attack White Couple In Portland, OR

This is the ‘hope and change’. Obamas kids.. They could be sons of Obama. Hell the way they are looting, they ARE sons-of-Obama.  He is robbing and looting America on a daily basis. So, what can we expect from his sons?  Whah, whahhh, whahhhh, that’s racist, Mad Jewess. You’re so mean and hateful.  Get bent.

This is Van Jones in action.

Read this carefully. Grab a magnifying glass, if you have to.   It plainly says “how to organize a flashmob” at the end of the AD… This is all public information on his website.  Bad boy.

“Anti-Bullying” Pro-Militant-Homosexual, Anti-Christian FREAK Curses Christians For Obeying The Bible

“Anti-Bullying” Pro-Militant, Homosexual, Anti-Christian FREAK Curses Christians For Obeying The Bible.  Anti-Bullying Speaker Curses Christian Teens

FREAK.  A “Gay” pig is telling Christians & the nuts at this ‘anti-bullying’ campaign to ‘ignore’ the Bible.  Very brilliant you moonbat, jerkoff.  If anyone wants to know why we are having massive amounts of natural disasters (tornados, storms, drought), you take a good look at this demented psychopathic idiot, he and those like him are the reason why. 

We can ignore GOD ’til we’re  blue in the face, but GOD certainly is NOT ‘ignoring’ the USA.. Nope, folks.. GODS judgement IS on the USA, and this is why:

This is what happens when a nation ignores GOD and turns over to debauchery:

Will come to America more and more. GOD will turn us over to our enemies. He already has; Barack Hussein Obama and the Bolsheviks. I see massive war on our soil and turmoil as we have never seen. Ever.

OK Middle School White Student BEATEN Almost To Death “Got What Was Coming To Him” According To Students On Website

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I am sure you must have heard about this ‘bias’/hate crime by now.  It is all over the news.  The students fellow classmates seem to think this is OK and he ‘got what was coming to him, and deserves more punishment.‘  The story is that the white kid told a Marshall Islander student (Island in the South Pacific) to ‘go back to Marshall Island.’  So, telling someone to go to Marshall Island is racism and the Islander who was supposedly ‘bullied’ had every right to beat this kid until he was almost dead.  Now, the father is worried about being called a racist, while his son is fighting for his life.  Sickening.

You really need to see the comments made, (mine are here, below) and go to the site-page yourself: Right here it is public, with facebook grafted in to the comment section.

I am “Pad Dar”

Pad Dar · Top Commenter · Hampton Bays Junior – Senior High School

The kid made a racist comment against who and what race?? And now is fighting for his life? The crime here is this beating. Calling names happens in school. Almost murdering people is NOT supposed to happen in a school.
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John William Barker

i am prestons dad. i am not a racist nor is his mom. i can only assume u jumped to that conclusion bcuz u saw a personal pic of me standing by a ww2 exibit while explaining to my kids how their family helped defeat the nazis. i am bald and white & understand that people with tinybrains might prejudge me 4 that. what i cant understand is a worthless excuse 4 a human saying that any child deserves to b nearly beat to death bcuz of a schoolyard shove or a hurtfull word. u are young and ignorant & hope some day u may develope some sense of humanity
Reply · 1 · Like · Thursday at 3:01pm

Pad Dar · Top Commenter · Hampton Bays Junior – Senior High School

John William Barker JOHN: My prayers ARE with you. LISTEN UP: the media and people will *ALWAYS* point to ‘thats racist’ in a crime of black on white. Look at what happened with that Trayvon incident. What happened here is a TOTAL ASSAULT on your boy. **DO NOT LISTEN** to the race-hustling NO MATTER WHO the accusers are; children OR adults, OR media. AGAIN: DO NOT LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. YOU MUST press this as a racial-hate crime. You MUST ask WHY the small media in OK CONVENIENTLY left out the race of the attacker. They are HIDING what has happened here. You are HIS FATHER, and YOU MUST speak out. Think of many children that dont say anything at all, and get beaten up just for being white or black. Racism is racism, black or white.
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Kimberly Thomas· Top Commenter

the kid shouldn’t have made a racist comment. that could be brought up in court also. it could have been worse if the kid did nothing he could have got bullied. some kids these days grow up with racist parents and then they go and follow their example. racism is wrong along with bullying. we are supposed to teach our kids to love everyone, this kid got what was coming to him,

Nick Robilliard then the kid that got beat up needs to take his punishment also.. not just a beating. bullying has got too far
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Pad Dar · Top Commenter · Hampton Bays Junior – Senior High School

Kimberly Thomas HE GOT BEATEN UP. THAT IS ENOUGH PUNISHMENT. Here YOU are talking love, and you want this young man to suffer more? Are you NUTS?!
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Samantha Reynolds · Works at State Farm

I know, that poor child being subjected to racist bigotry until he finally snapped. It’s absolutely horrible that he was being bullied for the color of his skin.
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Pad Dar · Top Commenter · Hampton Bays Junior – Senior High School

Samantha Reynolds That happens to white kids all the time, being beaten up for the color of their skin. WHY are they not out beating up black kids, Hispanics and others?? You condone this violence yourself.
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Twila Hammons · Me at Self employed

I’m sure that there is a lot more to the story than what we as “outsiders” know. Now this is purely speculation on my part, but from what I studied in college, the marshal islander kid was probably bullied and called racist names all his life and when Preston called him that racial name, the marshal islander probably had just had enough and hit the kid, and when you have been holding in that much anger towards people who call you racially charged names all the time, you’re gonna black out and not realize how much harm you are inflicting on the person who is getting beat up. When kidsare constantly called names, they push it far down inside of themselves until one day there is no more room to push down all those hurt feelings and then you explode like a volcano. You either go crazy and shoot everyone who called you names constantly, you either kill yourself because you can’t take it anymore, or you snap and decide to teach the bully lesson. when you snap, you actually black out and don’t even realize how much damage you have caused until you are pulled away. I have noticed that kids who are bullied and have a good support system at home and strongly believe in a higher being are the ones that can take the bullyin because they know it won’t last forever.
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Pad Dar · Top Commenter · Hampton Bays Junior – Senior High School

Twila Hammons You are condoning possible murder, you are also very sick. The person raised violently is the “OTHER” kid, which nobody cares to bring up here (his race), you are all protecting violence vs words. Sick.
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