I Am *Suffering* From White-Rage & Am In Need Of Reparations.

I am. And hate me, I don’t care.. I am going to speak my piece.  If you don’t like it, simply put..I don’t give a damn. Take me off your blog-rolls and F*ck off.


This black on white crime and illegal on white crime is making me so f’n angry that I am about to go nuts. This Trayvon Martin issue just put coals on the fire. Jamiel Shaw was an honor-roll black student that was MURDERED  by a ‘white’ Hispanic ILLEGAL, and there was NO RAGE, even though Miss Shaw, Jamiel’s mother has been fighting for justice on behalf of Jamiel for YEARS.  I covered that story 3x, it was picked up by O’Reilly last year, FINALLY.  But still no rage against the illegal occupier (It does not suit the black liberal, white-guilt liberal agenda)

I have been talking about this evil racism for over 3 years and the subject is not getting enough attention.  Every damned day I see what is happening. (I realize most of America does not see, or does not want to see) But, everyday, I see more and more injustice against the ‘evil’ white peopleRapes, murders, robbings-the fleecing of American whites from ‘minorities’ taking place.. day after day, minute after minute, second after second, and I am about to bust loose.

(Example above of a GOOD black person.)

What makes me want to blow up the TV, or blow a gasket the most, is watching stupid, idiotic morons like Bill O’Reilly, who said the other night “The blacks have suffered injustices for centuries in America“.  Well, FOOL…They AINT BEEN SUFFERING INJUSTICE since the late 1960’s when we started PAYING them off…For what? I was not a slave owner. I am not a southerner. I am 1/4 Seneca/Iroquois.  MY people didn’t have slaves.  I hired black people and Mexicans too, while in management, over and over!! I hired based on character. NOT SKIN.  Which is what I THOUGHT was right.

O’Reilly is suffering from ‘white guilt’.  THAT means that HE has been nasty to black people in HIS life.  YOU don’t speak for ME, O’Reilly…I am not a person that has treated people unfairly–IN MY LIFE.   Black, white OR purple.   In fact, O’Reilly, (you stupid, retarded buffoon)… instead of giving blacks equal rights (Which is what they originally marched for) YOU northern progressives put them back on the plantation in ‘homes’ they now call ‘the projects.’  Instead of giving them equality to WORK FOR IT. You think I am wrong?  They are only allotted a certain amount of money every month for doing zero.  In the old days, in some southern states, they gave them 3 meals a day, that is what they were allotted. So, what’s the difference?  There is none. Just some geography and a little change.

So, now I find myself seriously angry with white-rage. I want to watch black-face cartoons, etc.  Anytime I see a black on white crime, I say the meanest things to the computer–I AM HOT.    I am suffering in this cruel world without justice.  I want my MONEY BACK. I want a REFUND from these ‘reparations’ that I have had to pay out of MY income for crimes I NEVER committed.   I am mad, I am angry, I am going to burst. I am TIRED of the total injustice against my fellow Americans that are white. I am NOT joking.  This may sound like a laff-riot to you, but it isn’t to me, & it isn’t to many American whites. 

I am tired of being called a ‘f’n cracker, f’ white bitch‘.  I am sick of it.  All we do is pay, pay, pay and there is no gratefulness.  Just ‘f*ck you, white cracker whores.’  Time for reparations and equal time to have white rage.

Either this changes, or you bad blacks are going to see this in reverse…SOON:

20 thoughts on “I Am *Suffering* From White-Rage & Am In Need Of Reparations.

  1. I am screaming at the screen “go get em”. I love this site! The truth is spoken here. The blacks better beware. You don’t piss off white women, we get even and we end up on the top of the pile. Blacks need to tread lightly. The whites have had enough of you racist rants and will stop it. Keep going girls!!

  2. This all just f’n pisses me off so g’d much that I am about to BUST.
    And, my PERSONAL biggest problem as an adult is/was the Mexican supremacists in Calif and their ahole little illegals.

    but just look at the black on white crime, it by FAR is worse than EVER.

    Im so friggin MAD, that if this does not stop… I dont know wtf I will do.

  3. Tell ya what..if we keep on this enough, people will see. Not only that, our stats now on black on white crime are THROUGH THE ROOF.
    Bout f’n time whites are starting to WAKE THE HELL UP

  4. MJ, excellent post! I feel the same way, You speak for so many other ppl, These ppl cannot place into words want you do so eloquently.
    We owe them shit. Kill Evil Whitey.

    The Blacks trash their own community, school systems, crime ridden and the white ppl are to blame?
    I am so sick of their shit, so tired.

    Now, we have the illegal’s in CA, they do not impound their cars any longer. WTH?
    L.A. Police to ignore California impound law amid concern of fairness to illegals

    I want White America back now.

    Take that half white/ half black POTUS out of the USA.

    Can Nov come soon enough?

  5. Everyone need to scream it from the roof tops. It is about time the whites got pissed off. I have to keep asking where in the hell are the white men! We need then to get engaged as well.

  6. When I write that post on white morons on the TV, then we shall see white men get pissed.
    You all ever REALLY LOOK at the commercials?
    Ugly white women and dorky white men, its PROPAGANDA.

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    Look at my polyvore site sometime.
    I put up the most gorgeous white women I can find. Just to make some of the S. Africans on polyvore feel better, now I do it to make American women feel better.

  8. I didn’t want to be seen as complaining or militant or playing the race card, so I never defended myself when I experienced racism. I’ve always taken it in stride. I’ve been lucky that I’m an oreo (slur to describe a black person who “acts white”). 98% of my friends have been white most of my life.

    So they were the ones who were there to defend me from racists. When I’d say nothing and try to change the topic, they were the ones who were outraged on my behalf. When I was on my way to lunch in Olde City, Philadelphia (a swank business neighborhood), working as a web developer, dressed in business clothes, thinking about what to eat, some guy yelled the n-word.

    To his credit, he was in conversation with someone else, and he was talking about Obama. So I realize that he wasn’t aiming it at me. I have practiced my entire life being understanding and putting situations into perspective.

    But you cannot fathom what it feels like to hear that word and realize that you’re the only black person around. You have no idea what’s going on, and it’s frightening. Previous to that experience, the only time I met racism was when I was in remote areas (I love to go camping). But there it was, in one of the nicest parts of the city, where I least expected it.

    It’s frightening. And honestly, reading your post makes that same feeling grow in my chest. I realize that psychologically speaking, a reaction as negative as yours is a fear reaction. So I’m trying to empathize. At the same time, it’s difficult, because I don’t have the same anger/rage/hatred that you seem to have. You honestly seem to truly hate blacks.

    You say “bad” blacks, but… where does your definition of bad black come from? I wear hoodies. My daughter does, too. She’s an A/B student. I’m a tax-payer, Connecticut suburban web developer living in a renovated farmhouse. I listen to Muse and I’m a member of toastmasters. I run a minecraft server that my black/irish/japanese daughter and my german boyfriend both play on. We’re all big geeks.

    There’s no way to tell all of this from looking at me. If I’m walking around at night, all that can be seen is that I’m black. And I’m pretty dark-skinned, too. I once went LARPing and hid from someone who was chasing me by simply stepping into some shadows (I’m being totally serious). Someone who doesn’t know me might actually find me suspicious looking. It’s not the first time. One lady nearly yanked her daughter’s arm off trying to move her away from me. We were in a convenience store in the middle of the day, and she was startled and suspicious. I was wearing a sundress and sandals at the time! The guy behind the register was so disgusted he apologized and I told him not to, everyone is responsible for their own actions. I don’t blame you or anyone else for what someone who looks like you did.
    I can’t help if someone looks at me and sees something unfamiliar and frightening. The only person who can do something about that fear is the person experiencing it. We’re all responsible for our own feelings. We all have the capacity to overcome our fear instincts and behave with reason and logic.

    With all of that said, despite the fear of reading your words (you’re good at getting your anger across, I’ll give you that) I’m not going to allow this impression of you to shape my opinions of other whites. I’ve been friends, lovers, co-workers, neighbors with so many good whites in my life that I know personally that the vast majority of whites are not like… this…

    But if I didn’t. If I didn’t know a lot of whites. And I came across your article. And the articles of many people who write this sort of thing. If I measured my opinions of whites based on what I’ve read online or seen on television instead of my personal experience ever since I played house with the little white boy down the street as a child?

    I guess I’d feel about whites the way you seem to feel about blacks. I’d have a very limited perspective. In retrospect, I’m thankful that I went out into the world and became so well-balanced. I don’t ever want to become like this.

  9. Come on, you are not ignorant, you know what a bad black is as in comparison to a good black person.

    If you dont, here are some sites that may wake u up:




    And, dont tell me this is ‘out of fear.’
    I KNOW what fear is.
    I was beaten to a PULP by 3 black girls as a young lady, for NO REASON…all while they creamed WHITE BITCH.
    I was robbed, a $300 necklace by a bad black
    My hubbies family member was raped by a black man, she had to have an abortion.

    Sorry, but you all need to wake up.
    “Hoodie?” You should not wear a hoodie.
    There are ‘colors’ in hoodies now.

    Ask any NARC.

    Adios, I am trying to get well after surgery and very sore.

    As for you being black/white? You best stay the hell out of a racial war. If you even look white, you are a dead white/black girl. They HATE your white-ness.

  10. I don’t ever want to become like this.

    If you FAIL to see what has happened to white America, YOU ALREADY ARE WORSE than I EVER will be.
    You are like the FAKE Christians in Germany, who heard the Jews screaming for their lives and they SANG LOUDER in their churches.

    Accessory to genocide.
    We have a g’d damned right to be mad.
    You start looking, I MEAN REALLY looking in to the black on white crime stats.

    When blacks marched, MY people, the JEWS lost their lives. We NEVER stopped ANYONE from marching, yet now, ‘evil’ white racist bastards are sick of it, and YOU WONT LET US BE!!??

  11. U know what REALLY pisses me off?
    Is that people do NOT READ what I write.

    If anyone knows ANYTHING about me, they know, that I get on the right side of things, being convicted by the spirit of God.

    I dont ‘get’ on the wrong side.

    Soon, Whites will be marching until race and hate crimes are REPORTED as racial crimes and when reparations STOP and we get a f’n REFUND.

  12. Many of Americans are like this and the numbers are growing. You can take advantage of the white women for only so long.

    Being black doesn’t mean you can’t be racists. Being white doesn’t make you a racists.

    It is the people we see in power that just want to kiss the black asses for the votes and they are to stupid to see that they are being used. The Latinos are now the favored race of the politicians.

    Why didn’t we see Obama, Sharpton or Jackson calling black on white murder racist? Why don’t we see that same trio calling black on Latio murder racist? Is it because they think only the blacks are being hurt. It will stop.

    The blacks have been coddled long enough. Get over that your great-great-great-grand-parents were slaves. Some of the slaves were sold to the Americans by their very own families. If you hate America you are free to go back to the hell hole of Africa. I would think that the blacks would glad to be here.

  13. “But you cannot fathom what it feels like to hear that word and realize that you’re the only black person around. You have no idea what’s going on, and it’s frightening”

    Here’s what’s frightening: black people who think someone looking at them wrong or calling them a name while they walk down the street is a hate crime. YOU are forgetting that 1 in 4 women will be raped in their lifetime. For example, my 15 year old daughter and her friend who were dragged by five black thugs into a vacant apartment, in broad daylight, and raped and forced to perform oral sex. THAT is fear. THAT is a hate crime.

    Black men rape, beat and lynch women of all races, every minute of every day, but we do not rape, beat and lynch black men. Black men are victimizers trying to convince women that they are victims. Good luck with that. Parents of black males should drill it into their heads to walk away if they think someone is looking at them “wrong” or calling them a name. And since plenty of black men look at women “wrong” and call them names, they might want to teach them not to so that people will give a shit when they complain.

    Personally, I do not see black women as being part of the problem. Black women face twice the discrimination and are left to do it all for their families and communities while black men think up excuses for shirking their responsibility and other excuses for attacking other people.

    When 1 in 4 people are targeted for rape because they are black, let me know. I’m sorry, but I do not feel bad for black men who notoriously put “Money (and everything else) Above Bitches” and children.

  14. I have to agree. Black women for the most part work their asses off. My very good friend in Calif is black and she is a store manager, she put ALL of her kids through exc schooling and had to take care of a super big asshole for a husband.
    Shes a saint.

    Black women cant let their daughters become like the poster here before, “Raven Marie” A spoiled, entitlement brat.
    The hope IN the black people are its women, same as white, I THINK.

  15. For example, my 15 year old daughter and her friend who were dragged by five black thugs into a vacant apartment, in broad daylight, and raped and forced to perform oral sex. THAT is fear. THAT is a hate crime.

    Wow, just sick and WOW.
    My husbands family member was raped and had to abort, he was black.

  16. “Black women cant let their daughters become like the poster here before, “Raven Marie” A spoiled, entitlement brat.”

    I agree. It’s the self-pity that has pushed me to the edge since this Trayvon incident hit the news. This idea that black people are made to suffer in some special or unimaginable way because of schoolyard rule-breaking, like name-calling and “funny looks,” is laughable to me.

    The black community is wallowing and that is why so many black men can find an excuse for making one selfish, destructive choice, after another. Add to that those who egg it on because it serves a political agenda to exploit feelings of racial injustice, and you have society essentially sanctioning black on non-black crime. It’s no wonder this self-pitying attitude is passed on to black children and they grow to be emotional messes who are a danger to others. A big chunk of society literally says it’s completely fine for black men to retaliate against innocent people for lynchings that took place 75-100 years ago..

    “We shall overcome?” Overcome what? An isolated incident whereby a young black man became such an emotional mess, because someone was looking at him “wrong,” that he decided to start a brawl without thinking first that the other person might be able to defend himself with a gun?

    People must be outta their minds trying to sell this story as proof that black men are victims when they live by mottos like, “Bitches ain’t shit but hos and tricks.”

  17. A big chunk of society literally says it’s completely fine for black men to retaliate against innocent people for lynchings that took place 75-100 years ago..

    Exactly, in the SOUTH. So, the whole country must suffer..
    Its disgusting.
    FINALLY some news outlets are starting to say ‘black teens rioting, and so forth.
    Black men are NOT victims, they are king. Makes me sick.

    This video makes me want to BARF, its propaganda:

    Like he is her master-makes me friggin SICK.
    Thank you for coming. You should be here with Muse1876, she also blogs here.
    I am recovering from massive surgery, but thank you for confirming what we ALL know- ENOUGH of the bullshit!!

    God Bless.

  18. I agree. It’s the self-pity that has pushed me to the edge since this Trayvon incident hit the news.

    EXACTLY!! That is WHY I wrote this post…of course I am a racccccccccccist…bla bla bla…
    T/C for now.
    Be SAFE.

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