Radical-Left, MSN Trying To Start ANOTHER Race-Conflict: White-Jewish ‘Attackers’ Claim Self-Defense Against Black Teen

 Radical-Left, MSN Trying To Start ANOTHER Race-Conflict: White-Jewish ‘Attackers’ Claim Self-Defense Against Black Teen 

Here we go again with the left wing… this time, they are throwing a couple of Orthodox JEWS under under the bus before the court-case…”Liberal” Jews, how long are you going to keep taking up for enemies and aiding in Americas destruction?  SO-Where is the ADL? The ACLU?? Where is FAT BOY, Abe Foxman?? No place, huh?  Just going to leave these young men go, so the leftist creeps can ruin their lives like they ruined Zimmermans??  I really believe the left is engaging in a Bolshevik-racial revolt. I ask that American whites restrain as much as you can, until their trumped up crap is spun out of control…    

ANYWAY: Here is one of the ‘evil’, white,  Jewish kids, claiming self-defense:

Do you notice how many crimes against whites are NOT EVER REPORTED?

Sounds to me like the left wants themselves a whitey to start a racial riot.

ANY ole whitey will do, even a Jew..

FALSE FLAG To start race-riots.

9 thoughts on “Radical-Left, MSN Trying To Start ANOTHER Race-Conflict: White-Jewish ‘Attackers’ Claim Self-Defense Against Black Teen

  1. Its fashionable and oh so politically correct to whiten everything Black and blacken everything White. This is called Western “democracy” “human rights” .

  2. Wow! If I wear a hoodie, and lurk around in y’all’s neighborhood, will a Jewish man that looks like this guy run out and man-handle me? On my way!LOL
    Seriously; this case is nothing like the Zimmerman case.

  3. MJ, Why is it in America I could be called, German American, Polish American, French American since my ancestors came from those countries.?

    I guess the American Indians are called American Americans.

    I always though if you were born in the US your were an American first not second.

    If you have to define yourself by a religion or another country, then you really aren’t a true American.

    PC has gone so far overboard that PC is now PCIncorrect.

  4. Yes, or one million moms with their babies and kids MUST go to DC armed and remove them ALL

  5. MJ, The powers that be only want to save their own asses.

    I wonder how many of the politicians own property in another country? I had read that the Clinton’s have property in SA. Obama may have property in Kenya!

  6. A few years ago, a nice, young man, (white), that worked as a delivery driver for a local, hardware store, saw a young, black female on the side of the road, (rural roads down here), that appeared to be having car trouble. He stopped to see if she needed help. (Men do that down here). He had a six week old baby, and a young wife at home; he had taken this second job, on weekends, where his wife could stay home with the baby.
    Unknown to him, the damsel in distress he stopped to help had just finished shooting, and wounding her boyfriend, (a black man); he had ran into the woods to hide from her. According to the woman, (we’ll have to take her word for it because the young man that stopped to help her can no longer speak for himself), he approached her with his hands in his jean pockets, and in a typical “country hick” fashion asked, “Mam, can I help you?”
    She said, “No,” & shot him right between the eyes; he still had his hands in his pockets when someone found him on the side of the road.
    She later said she was mad at her boyfriend and never gave a reason for shooting the guy that tried to help her.
    At her trial, a local, black pastor gave a speech during the sentencing phase, saying it wasn’t her fault, that circumstances while she grew up turned her into what she was, & that we needed to have sympathy for her, too. (In other words, it’s white people’s fault that she is a psychopathic killer). When the mother of the murdered young man made the statement, “He was my only baby.” The pastor responded with, “She,(the murderer), was somebody’s baby, too.” These were his “reasons” to plead for her life to be spared.
    My point is: The fact that it is a woman doesn’t always mean that men were at fault; women kill, rob & assault, just like men do. People that do not know this, end up like the young, delivery driver.

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