Thanks To CRAZY People In America Who Support “Palestine”, We Can’t Seem To Deport Psychopaths Like This…

Look at the irony here of this so called “American” hero, David Duke, who does not want any more non-Europeans (WTH does he think p-lestinians are?):

Yet….he supports “PALESTINE”!  What a G’d moron.

Join Me & Noam Chomsky! The All New Klan; Moonbats 4 Palestine!

Whaaahhhhhhhhhh, its the Zionists, whahhhh, its the Zionists

No, its not, jackass. It is the BOLSEHVIKS and most of the people in the O admin are NON JEWSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

7 thoughts on “Thanks To CRAZY People In America Who Support “Palestine”, We Can’t Seem To Deport Psychopaths Like This…

  1. Oh dear. Don’t you realise America lacks, sorely lacks muslim population? The Psychopath that American IDIOTS elected colludes with his fellow Psychopaths to turn America into a Caliphate with the Nigger as Caliph. How’d you like that?

    Lesson for the future: Come WWIII or the Civil War, GET RID OF ALL LEFTISTS/LIBERALS. Its either them or you. Decide.

  2. Do you think that American women are going to have to be the ones to do something, QV?
    It seems as if the men just dont want to

  3. You have men, men, men you know what I mean, in America?
    Men have balls. where are they in America?????

  4. Here’s something to cheer you and Donna, MJ. And all Obama haters. Including me!

    Berry’s video presentation at Fenway Park yesterday drew thunderous boo’s from the crowd. Even the attempt to intermix the video’s with other people to throw off the crowd response didn’t work.
    So far this is the only video to become public on youtube, and it’s quality is poor at best ( a reflection of Berry’s leadership perhaps.

    More about the people booing Mr Obama can be found here.…

    You know the shtf when an asian dude throws ‘go back to kenya’ phrase

  5. Obama will LOSE the war against the Catholic Church. Its 2000 years history confirms his coming demise. Or he’ll be committed to a mental asylum.

    This is what Leftist filth has done to America.

    a girl at Pilgrim High School in Warwick, Rhode Island, had her artwork censored by “educators.” The student had painted a mural that was deemed objectionable because it depicted a boy growing up, marrying, and having a child. In fact, the “educators” found it so offensive that they ordered it blotted out by painting over it

    If youre a Christian, take your kids OUT of Satan’s public schools.

  6. QV,

    I totally agree with your statement about Catholics removing their children from our POS Public Schools system. Go vouchers, all of my children went to PRIVATE Catholic schools to keep them from being brainwashed and dumb’d down by these FUCKS.

    One question for the Duke fans out there, When in history was there ever a country called Palestine? Fuck PALESTINE. Never existed, in the history of the world.

    Great Vid of Obummer being booed!!!!!

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