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Take a good look….this is Russia, today.  This is what America WAS;  Wholesome, pure, pretty, innocent.  In the late 1980’s, President Reagan demanded that Gorbachev “Tear Down That Wall” of Communism…He didn’t realize that the Soviet powerhouse possessed an evil spirit, and an evil spirit must go somewhere….It departed Russia.

The devil descended…upon  America. 

What President Reagan failed to realize is that we had serious enemies within, that were not ‘liberals’ or even libertine.   They were & are destroyers; Soviet/Communist traitors to this country.    These treacherous people are psychological-terrorists,  which, in my opinion is 1000x worse than physical terror, because it murders the soul.  If you have no soul, you are hell-bound.  Leftists are killers of national spirit.  They are the problem.  You can rant about Islam all day long, but Islam is only a symptom of the deep-seeded treachery & satanic forces that have raped our land of purity.  Our wholesomeness has been replaced with debauchery, decadence, depravity and deceit.

In the 1960’s, the Kennedy brothers authored a bill that allowed the 3rd world to come to our country (most of you know this).  You can blame this on some  Jews for helping  draft up some documents, but Johnson signed the bill, the same way Clinton signed NAFTA (which Bush 41 only drafted).    The buck stops with the John Hancock signature.  L.B.J. (DEMOCRAT), signed the bill  to obliterate Americas national identity.    Before 1965, if you came to America, you had to have a special skill if you were from the 3rd world, one could not just ‘come on in’ as they do now.    Flooding in, they;  take, murder, rob, rape, steal our wealth with their entitlement-filth mentality.     They are allowed to vote,  knowing very little of what we stood for.   Furthermore, they don’t care.     The invaders bring in virus’s, lice, T.B., Morgellons and disgusting mannerisms.  Many didn’t even know what a toilet was/is. They find out what a toilet is..but then they don’t know what toilet paper is for, and that is the Gods honest truth. Think about this, the next time you buy your vegetables & fruits, brought in to your grocery stores from Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, or Columbia, where illegal-occupiers are from.   Ponder on that and where those hands have been.  Makes you want to go out and buy some lettuce, huh? Spinach, anyone?

In Russian media, the country presents its models, children,  TV personas and such, in a wholesome light.  True, there is always decadence, but it is a small minority of poison, there.    TV in America; models, men and children are presented in the worst possible godless, heathen, paganistic fashion: “Gays” in drag, toddlers dressed up as 28 year old sluts. Women dressed as tramps.   “Reality TV”  shows Americans;  drunk, fat, stupid, foul, filthy and downright debaucherous.    Truly, it should be a scandal and an act of treachery.    American TV should show America in a positive light, ( As movie producer, Samuel Goldwyn said) but it has been used to destroy, instead.    You take a look at the shows from the late 1950’s to the end of the 1980’s: I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, I Dream Of Jeannie, Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, Sonny & Cher, Donny & Marie, Magnum PI.   You know what I am writing is the truth.

You can demonize Putin and Russia all you wish, knock your socks off.. but the proof of their national morale is in the pudding as you can see above.   Russia uses their media outlets to build up their people.  The left uses our media to pull and tear down its citizens.  If Russia were to war against us, they would win, hands down.   An undisciplined nation like America will lose and be wiped off the map just like Rome or Greece. I have never been a ‘fan’ of Russia, but its sovereignty is formidable.  In my opinion…the Russians are free, and their Marxism is now our cancer in America..

I enclose some photos for you to witness yourself, and compare it to Russia.  Russia is now what America was and America is Sodom and Gomorrah:

Enjoy the Communist FREAK Show.